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April 5, 2013 Author Appearances 0

Julie Bio Hey everyone. I’ve been a reader on and off during my life. I would read a book a night back in elementary and middle school. But at some point in high school I lost my way. I’m happy to say I got back on track toward the end of college and have been making up for lost time ever since. When I was first introduced to Goodreads several years ago I started tracking how many books I read per year. I went from reading mid-30s number of books one year to over 100 books the next and have been keeping that pace. I’m hoping to read even more now that I am part of this awesome blog. 🙂

Rose and I met when she started a local book club, YA for Adults. When she approached me about joining her in starting this blog, I just had to agree. 😉 It sounds like a lot of fun and with hubby being away this is a good time to expand my hobbies. I’ve been following a lot of book blogs for a year or so and I love them all. I started out with one or two and somehow now I’m getting subscriptions to at least 30 blogs in my inbox every day. This is a great community of readers and fans so I am excited to join it.

In the past several years I have attended various book signings and have met some amazing authors. Meeting a celebrity is super exciting and even more exciting when they are so personable and happy to speak with their fans. I met quite a few at our local indie bookstores, Murder by the Book and Katy Budget Books when they made appearances for book signings. I’m also a member of some very wonderful book clubs and we have managed to get several authors to join us at meetings in person! At the Creatures of Nyght book club we have had the following local authors join us to discuss their books that we read that month: Linda Mooney, Missy Jane, Nina Bangs and Gerry Bartlett. Also at the Northwest Houston book club we had brunch with local author Sophie Jordan.  We’ve also had a few authors skype with us during some meetings. So if you’re reading this and live in the Houston area, check these clubs out!

Here are some photos I took with authors at their book signings or other appearances.

With Kim Harrison.

With Patricia Briggs.

With Amber Benson, different events 🙂 [Yes I’m a Buffy fan]

With Rachel Vincent, probably my favorite author!

With Charlaine Harris!

With Rhiannon Frater.

With Jaye Wells.

With Kimberly Frost.

With Kerrelyn Sparks.


With Sophie Jordan.

Ok as is a little obvious, I love to read books in the paranormal genre, whether they are paranormal romance, paranormal YA (young adult), urban fantasy, or horror. I also enjoy dystopia, YA and NA (new adult). I also sometimes read regular fantasy and sci-fi.

I’m definitely looking forward to meeting more authors and having this blog as an excuse. 🙂

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