That’s what HE said Thursday- January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014 Memes, ThatsWhatHeSaid 5


Every Thursday we are hosting a brand new meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday. For more info on what this meme is all about click here.

Rose review avatarRose’s Quote:

I want you and only you and I can’t bear the thought of sharing you.  I’m sorry… I want to be with you in the right way – in the open.  I want to walk into Pete’s with you on my arm.  I want to kiss you every time I see you, no matter who’s looking.  I want to make love to you without fear of someone finding out.  I want to fall asleep with you in my arms every night.  I don’t want to feel guilty about something that makes me feel so…whole.  I’m sorry, Keira, but I’m asking you to choose.”

Kellan to Kiera

(Thoughtless by: S.C. Stephens)

I mentioned this before, but yeah, I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Kellan Kyle. My gosh, yes the man is total eye candy and a rising rock star, but he is super emotional and sensitive, too? SWOON! And he can pull that off without being a wimp, DOUBLE SWOON! I do not know why I ever put reading this series off for so long, but I am happy to have finally read it.  At first I suppose I was put off by the love triangle. This is author S. C. Stephen’s debut novel and her writing improves with each book. I am currently reading the third book in the Thoughtless Series and cannot put it down! So if you are ready to fall in love with a new book boyfriend, pick up a copy of Thoughtless, but be warned, you should not pick up the book unless you have ample free time to devote to reading the entire series, because you will not want to stop once you start.

Julie Review AvatarJulie’s Quote:

The Story of Solomon is the only way I know how to explain.

Forgive me.

 Alex to Lena

(Requiem by: Lauren Oliver)

Alex left this in a note to Lena and I thought it was especially meaningful when Lena finally understood the meaning and realized that Alex was behaving the way he was because he still loved her.



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  1. Annamari

    Great quotes!
    The Delirium books are still on my reading list, but I haven’t seriously considered the Thoughtless trilogy before. The love triangle is really putting me off. But that quote is making me seriously rethink that… 🙂

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