That’s what HE said Thursday- January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014 Memes, ThatsWhatHeSaid 9


Every Thursday we are hosting a brand new meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday. For more info on what this meme is all about click here.

Rose review avatarRose’s Quote:

But, if for some reason we’re not closer, if something has gotten between us, please, I’m begging you…don’t give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don’t leave me…please.

Kellan to Kiera

(Effortless by: S.C. Stephens)

I like this quote because I am in love with Kellan Kyle. I like him so much, that I almost do not want to share him with the world at large. Like, I want to keep him all to myself, which is totally silly because he doesn’t really belong to me, but he could… if he were real… and yeah, I will just stop right there. You should really give this series a read. I am in love. OH! and as for the quote, this is a note Kellan left for Kiera and considering their history, his words are super poignant. I love me a man with some insight.

Julie Review AvatarJulie’s Quote:

Get well for me, Annie.

Stay with me. Let me stay with you. When you are better, tell me about this man you already have in your life. Let me know if I have a chance to tell you how much I am beginning to love you. Annie…Annie…let me love you.


There I was, awakening in a place that, for all I knew, could mean my death. I was cold and wet, with such agony piercing my side and wing. Unable to move, unable to speak, unable to do anything but hope my end or redemption would come soon. I opened my eyes, and there stood a figure strong against the wind. Your hair was flying about you like a cape, wild and untamed. You looked like a storm spirit.

Rion to Annie

(Lord of Thunder by: Linda Mooney)

I picked the first quote because it is the first time Rion realizes he has feelings, deep feelings, for Annie. She saved his life, now he’s saving hers. The second quote was just really cool, I liked the way Rion described his first impression of Annie.



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