That’s what HE said Thursday- February 13, 2014

February 13, 2014 Memes, ThatsWhatHeSaid 8


Every Thursday we are hosting a brand new meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday. For more info on what this meme is all about click here.

Rose review avatarRose’s Quote:

‘Nonesense. Utter Crap. You snap your finger and I jump from water to boat.’

‘Is that so?’

He nodded. ‘I’m still flopping at your feet, like a pathetic fool, awaiting your next move and severely out of breath.’

Dingane (Ian) to Sophie

(Vain by: Fisher Amelie)

This quote made me laugh while reading. I really liked this book. It was unexpected and I liked that. I really liked Dingane and wished the author had spent even more time on his back story. I found him to be a very interesting character. 

Julie Review AvatarJulie’s Quote:

You can’t blame a fella for kissing the prettiest girl in New York, can you, sister?

Sam Lloyd to Evie O’Niel

(The Diviners by: Libba Bray)

Ok so Sam Lloyd isn’t exactly the book boyfriend. He’s more the trickster and the pickpocket. But he cracks me up and his exchanges with Evie are entertaining. This is from their first meeting, when he flirts with her, kisses her, and steals $20. Evie doesn’t know about the missing $20 until later, but she does get in a good kick in that drops him to the ground.



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8 Responses to “That’s what HE said Thursday- February 13, 2014”

    • Rose

      Andie, I really enjoyed this book. Its was different than what I expected and that was refreshing.

    • Rose

      I am currently reading The Diviners as well. Have you read any of the other novels in the Vain series? Did you like them?

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