That’s what HE said Thursday- June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 Memes, ThatsWhatHeSaid 14


Every Thursday we are hosting a brand new meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday.For more info on what this meme is all about click here.

Rose review avatarRose’s Quote:

Oh, I wouldn’t mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.

Augustus to Hazel Grace

(The Fault In Our Stars by: John Green)

So I just thought I would share another quote from Augustus to Hazel Grace. Julie got to see the movie a few days before me and since I did just go see the movie, I thought it appropriate to share one of the many great lines Augustus delivers to the girl he loves. Sigh.



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14 Responses to “That’s what HE said Thursday- June 19, 2014”

    • Rose

      Alise, we are posting our review of the movie soon. I liked the movie and I thought it was very emotional as well. I liked the book better of course 🙂

    • Julie

      Dooo itttttttt!!! It isn’t very long, so get on that so you can see the movie while everyone is still hyped up about it! 🙂

    • Rose

      Yes, when I went to see the movie, the people behind me we literally sobbing. The whole theatre was sniffling.

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