Blogger Buzz Guest Post: Short Story Starring a Gnome Character

July 14, 2014 Blogging Guests 13

Today is my stop on the Book Blogger Buzz Tour and my special guest is Becky from Biblio Gnome!



Hi, my name’s Becky B. and my blog’s Bibliognome. I am very happy to be taking part in The Book Blogger Buzz Tour organized by Rachel over at Parajunkee. To find out more about the tour and see everyone involved, check out the post here.
I was asked the question:

“You’ve been asked to write a short story starring a gnome character, what would the gnome be named and how would the story go?”


This is my answer, here’s hoping you all like it.:)
Nathaniel Nettles Gnomeguard (Nettles for short)


Nettles was just your normal gnome, a proud member of the Gnomeguard. He protected his realm from all the menaces of the natural and unnatural.


One day he was doing his normal patrol of the yard when he saw a rather strange rock peeking out from the dirt. He like most gnomes was a collector of interesting things so he dug the rock out of the dirt.


This was no ordinary rock though as Nettles found out one strange night. He heard a crash and then found the rock on the floor rocking back and forth. Then suddenly a tiny claw broke through the rock and it popped open like an egg.


Low and behold it was a baby gargoyle, something the gnomes had thought to be long extinct. Nettles had never had gnome children of his own so he decided to adopt the gargoyle.

Thus started the truly epic adventures of Nettles and Gregarious aka Greg the Gargoyle…

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13 Responses to “Blogger Buzz Guest Post: Short Story Starring a Gnome Character”

  1. Kalliope D.

    That’s a lovely story that can become a great book for kids, undoubtedly! ;)Thank you for sharing it Becky! ^_^

  2. Gwynn

    Hi Becky . . . you can’t possibly leave the story there. I sense some kid’s books in the making!

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