Interview with Lola Smirnova, author of Twisted

December 8, 2014 Author Appearances 5

Interview with Lola Smirnova

What was your path to publication of your debut novel? How long did it take to write Twisted? How about the sequel that you’re working on?

It took me about two years to write it and one year for editing, production and publication. The knowledge and experience that I gained during those years considerably influenced the pace of my writing of the sequel. It looks like it’s going to be finished in one year only! 🙂

Describe your writing process. Do you outline, plot and plan, or is your writing more organic?

I plot the story to stay focused but as the writing goes I change it all the time. To be spontaneous, that what makes me savor and truly enjoy my affair with my computer, turning every day of boring routine into an exciting date.

I understand that Twisted is inspired by your personal experiences. Did you find it difficult or more therapeutic to re-live everything through your character?

At times it was extremely difficult. The writing requires you to dig into your memories. And some of them I wish I didn’t remember.

I was also born in the Ukraine but moved to the US when I was 6, so my experience with the culture is limited. What do you miss the most about Ukraine and the people/food/etc? How do you like where you live now?

I left Ukraine when I was 16, about 17 years ago… So I’d say my experience with the culture was kind of lost and I didn’t miss anything about it much. But due to the latest events happening in Ukraine I started developing patriotism for my country on the different level.

As for South Africa, where I live now, it’s an amazing country with the beautiful sceneries and wonderful people. I love it here!

Share some advice for aspiring authors.

For this I’ll use the wise words of Richard Bach: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit”. So, NEVER GIVE UP, my friends! 🙂

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to read, travel and mostly be with my family and pets.

What is your favorite or most difficult chapter you’ve written to date?

I’d say there are two chapters that were the most difficult to write: the one where Julia – the main character and narrator – gets raped by a group of men in Istanbul, Turkey and the following chapter where the police finds her on the street afterwards and instead of taking her to the hospital they throw Julia to the jail…

It’s the end of the book – the culmination – the most intense and painful moment – I still get tears in my eyes every time I read it…

They are also both my favorite chapters.



TWISTED_CoverTitle: Twisted

Author: Lola Smirnova

Blurb: In the corrupt economy of post-Soviet Ukraine opportunities are scarce. Young and eager sisters – Natalia, Lena and Julia – harbor dreams of a better life. Naïve and tempted by the allure of ‘quick’ money, the girls set off on an adventure that changes their lives forever.

Can they stay out of trouble enough to fulfill their ambitions? Can they hold on to their idealism in a world where depravity and danger are constant companions? How far are they willing to go to make a buck?

Twisted is a disturbing behind-the-scenes look at a world that most will never see. It is shocking, raw, and explicit.





Twisted is available for sale on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

About the Author:

Lola Smirnova is an author from Ukraine, who for many years worked in the sex industry. She recently released her debut novel Twisted. Twisted is a work of fiction, but it is inspired by the author’s real life experiences making a living in the sex trade.

Lola Smirnova is currently working on her second novel Crave – a sequel to Twisted. To learn more, go to

Connect with Lola on:





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      Yea Carmel it is definitely a difficult topic, but the premise is still very interesting. I don’t know if I can stomach it either, but it sounds worth the read anyway.

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