Chat Between Chapters: Do you have a book you love to recommend?

January 18, 2015 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 26


 “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”

– John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

Which book would this be for you?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

Honestly,  I don’t push books on people very much. Plus, most of the people I talk about books with have already read the books I’ve read anyway. But, there are a few I do recommend if someone new to the bookish world asks for some. For a contemporary read I always start with Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless or Slammed series. Both are awesome. For dystopian, The Hunger Games is a favorite to recommend, and after that I also like to recommend the Birthmarked series by Caragh O’Brien. For paranormal I like to recommend Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series and Shifters series. Obviously there are a lot more great books to share. We have a few recommendations pages on our menu if you would like to check those out – I’ve listed out a lot of the books I’ve enjoyed by genre.

Rose review avatar Rose:

Why is it that every time someone asks me to recommend a book to them, I cannot think of a single book I like to read? For the longest time I would hesitate before recommending Outlander but I am more comfortable with recommending it now that it is a series on cable TV. I recommend The Bronze Horseman a lot to people who love historical romance. For people who prefer contemporary romance, I like to recommend Easy by Tammara Webber or Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. 


My book recommendations tend to depend on the person asking. I do have a few I tend to always recommend. For history buffs, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Outlander, for sure, for lovers for men in kilts. The Kushiel Series by Jacqueline Carey for anyone into fantasy or anyone looking for some erotica with actual plot.  But these are both really long books. For a short, quick, read, I’d go with any of the Stephaine Plum books by Janet Evanovich or the Lucky O’Toole books by Deborah Coonts. They are a fun romp any time. 

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26 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Do you have a book you love to recommend?”

    • Julie

      I have a hard time picking a favorite too. Or remembering specific books to recommend unless I’ve thought about them recently.

    • Rose

      I have this on my TBR list… I have not read it yet though and it slowly drops down the TBR list until someone like you reminds me that people really love this book and highly recommend it. Thanks for reminding me!

  1. Nikki

    I keep pushing one particular book at certain friends, but I tend to calculate fairly exactly whether I think they’d like it! Among Others (Jo Walton) is the only one I recommend pretty indiscriminately, and that mostly because anyone’s friends with me is likely to be friends with that book!
    Nikki recently posted…Review – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

    • Rose

      I have not heard of this book. And I like how you worded that… “to be friends with that book!”

  2. Cynthia

    Good post. I don’t always push books on people, mainly because everyone’s tastes are so different. But I absolutely loved Sea of Tranquility last year. Also, I recently read You: A Novel and I fell in love with that one. It is a suspenseful book and I did push it on everyone.
    Cynthia recently posted…BOOK REVIEW: The Same Sky

  3. Bec @ Readers in Wonderland

    There’s a couple of people who I regularly push all my favourite books on (they have similar tastes to me and I need to talk to someone about them!) but usually I tailor my recommendations to what the person is looking for and who I’m recommending books to.

    Some of my favourite books to rec are The Winner’s Curse, Throne of Glass, The Raven Cycle, and the Scorpio Races.
    Bec @ Readers in Wonderland recently posted…Review: The First Third by Will Kostakis

    • Lynn

      Everyone is recommending the Throne of Glass. Now I really need to read it! And I really enjoyed the first book of the Raven Cycle. I really need to get back to the others.

    • Rose

      I have the Scorpio Races, but have not read it yet. I need to add it to my #Shelflove Challenge TBR list.

  4. Alise

    I also have that problem where I can’t remember my favorite books like Rose 😛 Sometimes I just say the first book that comes to mind that I know is popular and enjoyed by many, like your The Hunger Games example. When I do happen to remember a favorite of mine it’s usually the Throne of Glass series I recommend because I think it has a variety of elements that can appeal to many different people. Great topic!
    Alise recently posted…Review: The First Third by Will Kostakis

    • Lynn

      I tend to only think of the most recent book that I loved to recommend. So today, that’s The Martian by Andy Weir. I loved the sarcasm in the main character.

  5. Alison

    I have never read the Slammed series. I feel shamed just mentioning that, but I’ve read every other book she’s put out. Finding Cinderella is actually my favorite that I recommend to others, plus it’s free so readers aren’t out anything if it’s not for them (not that I’ve ever found someone that didn’t love it). Hunger Games is definitely at the top of my dystopian list. I’ve been seeing a lot of Outlander fans here recently. I’ll have to check that series out!
    Alison recently posted…5 STAR Review ~ Origin (Lux #4) @JLArmentrout

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