Chat Between Chapters: Share Your Reading Lists

February 22, 2015 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 14


 Do you have a reading list you intend to complete? Share your lists and links!

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I have a crazy long TBR, like hundreds of books! So.. that’s my reading list cause if I get distracted from it I’ll never finish ever. This is why I’m doing the #ShelfLove challenge, cause I buy too many books and my reading list gets crazy.I need to work on prioritizing those reads though. I never know what to pick next if it isn’t a book club selection. Let’s not even talk about my to-read Goodreads shelf, which is more like a “books I’m interested in someday maybe” shelf lol.

Rose review avatar Rose:

Well besides just my TBR list, which is books long… I do have a desire to read all of Jane Austin’s books, as a well as all of the Printz Award winner books. Since the Printz Award has been around since 2000 , that is a lot of books! I want to read the honor books as well as the winners. I think book lists are a neat way of making sure you read great works of literature as well as current popular reads.


I have lists everywhere. Before Goodreads, I would make lists of books to read on old receipts, post its, and scraps of paper. Or take pictures of books I wanted to read with my phone. At least now, I’ve consolidated all of my lists into one place. My latest problem is that my Want to Read list became so unmanageable that I created a second, Read Next list. And really, even that’s starting to get out of control. I intended to just put the books I wanted to read right away on that list. I find myself wanting to read every book right now. Which is really unrealistic. At least with the #ShelfLove challenge, I can differentiate the books I own from the books I want to read. 

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14 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Share Your Reading Lists”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    My tbr list on GR is over 2000 books! Yeah, I might not finish that in this lifetime. 🙂 But I’ll do my best. I keep lists in my journals as well. I started doing that before I found GR. I should take the time to re-organize my tbr shelf on GR to make it more manageable. But that takes time…maybe I’ll get there someday. In my library, I have a wall of shelves dedicated to books I need to read. This is why I joined the ShelfLove challenge. I’m hoping to make a huge dent in that side of my library. 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#2015HW, #ShelfLove Review ~ Breathe ~ Abbi Glines

    • Julie

      Don’t look at my to-read on GR, ok? Please! lol It is AWFUL. Neither of us are going to read all the books in our lifetime. At least my “official” TBR shelf is not as bad.

  2. Berls

    Gosh, I have lists everywhere. I have an owned-but-not-read list (thank you shelf love!) and a need-to-read-for-review list that I’m trying to focus on. But then there’s book club books, best friend says you have to read this books, and new books in favorite series… So its taking forever!!! May never get to even half I’m afraid:/
    Berls recently posted…Murder at the Reinhart | Part 2 by Katie Hayoz

    • Julie

      Organized lists like that are great, huh :)Really shows us how many books we have waiting for us. I also have a shelf for book club, but not a separate one for recommendations. I might need to make a “read this book or Rose will disown you” shelf though…

  3. Nish

    Right now, the only lists I maintain are my classics lists and my Man Booker shortlist books, and even those are too much for me to handle, as I keep getting distracted with other things.
    Nish recently posted…The Secret History

    • Julie

      Man Booker? Sounds fun! Heh. But yea it is hard to keep the lists up to date, definitely. I often forget to tag things appropriately on GR.

    • Julie

      I’ve used the Amazon Wishlist to track my to-read also, but I haven’t matched it with my GR to-read, so too many different kinds of lists heh.

  4. Ramona

    My GR to-read list is my TBR. It’s pretty long… It’s really discouraging at times – I feel like I’m missing out on so many titles. Darn my need to sleep…! But I persevere. As long as I read every day, there’s still hope. Right? 🙂 Great post.
    Ramona recently posted…Rules For Writing Fiction

    • Julie

      Yes, as long as you read a little each day, that is a good goal 🙂 I let my to-read get out of control. So it is just my “interested” shelf lol.

  5. Terri M., the Director

    I actually created additional to-read shelves on GoodReads to manage my to-read list.

    to-read-wish-list: books I want to buy or I want people to buy for me

    to-read-from-the-library: books I don’t want to, but want to read and my library has them

    to-read (default GoodReads shelf)/to-read-giveaway: giveaways I entered and one of the requirements was to put it on a Goodreads shelf. I may move these books after the giveaway ends to one of my other to-read shelves.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews
    Terri M., the Director recently posted…Scenic Sundays 24: My Oscars Predictions 2015

    • Julie

      I think making additional shelves is a great idea. Really helps since many books can fit multiple reading categories and challenges anyway.

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