#Shelflove: Share Your Sources for Free Books

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No Book Buying Challenge 2015 – March Update

As you know, we are co-hosting the Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge. You can also review the details of the post on theNo Book Buying Challenge page from the menu above.  For March we are sharing our sources for free books. So where do you get your books for free? How many books have you read for this challenge so far?


Julie Review AvatarJulie: 

My sources for free books outside of the library and Netgalley:

So far I’ve read less than a handful of books from my TBR, but I’m really trying to get my routine figured out and see where I can squeeze in some reading time at home. I’ve listened to a few books, but only the ones you see below I count for this challenge.

I have embedded my Goodreads shelf so that I can share the books I read as I go.


Julie’s 2015-shelf-love-challenge book montage

Lynnpic avatar Lynn: Most of the free books I read are from the library. I also subscribe to Book Bub and Bookperk. Audible has a daily deal email. My e-reader is a nook, and there are usually $2.99 and under deals on the Barnes and Noble website. There are probably loads more websites and emails to subscribe to. But to me, nothing can beat the library. This month, all of the books I read were from the library. I didn’t make a dent in my challenge list. But on the plus side, I also didn’t buy any new books. 

 Rose review avatar Rose: I do not have any great sources for free books. For a while I was netgalley happy, but then LIFE happened, I my stats are so dismal, I doubt I would get approved for any arcs even if I searched, which I no longer do. (at least while I am working full time and student teaching full time.) I also get emails daily from Book Bub about free books. I have not clicked too many lately. Working all of these hours and teaching all of these hours is impossible!!!! AHHHH!!!!

Book Budget


Walking Maddox $0.10


Riding Kissy $0.25


Writing a blog post $0.05


Writing a book review $0.50


Reading a book I already own $0.75


Writing 500 words count $0.15


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23 Responses to “#Shelflove: Share Your Sources for Free Books”

  1. Kat Morrisey

    Some of those sites, I’ve not heard of. I will have to check’em out and add them to pocket, so I remember to keep an eye on those, too. 🙂 Thanks for the resources!! (I weep inside, though, for my TBR piles. LOL)

  2. Create With Joy

    Because of limited resources – and because I always have an overflowing TBR pile – it is rare that I purchase books these days.

    I have only treated myself to 3 books this year – 2 were for the Travel Around The World In Books challenge (in order to participate in the reading challenge, I had to purchase the book – but I bought mine used for a very good price) – and a new cookbook in Costco (moment of weakness, I confess!)

    A few sources I have not seen mentioned for free books, however, are book giveaway – on blogs, on Library Thing, and on Goodreads (to name a few). While you are not guaranteed to win the contests, of course, if you keep entering them, there’s a good chance you will over time! They will also appreciate your participation and you may make a new friend in the process! 🙂

    Book giveaways are welcome at The Book Nook at Create With Joy, so if you’re looking for a place to begin “window shopping”, so to speak – stop by and check us out! 🙂

  3. Stefani

    Amazon!I used to have this really bad habit of downloading lots of freebies every day. After reading some, however, I realized they weren’t that good so I slowed down my one-click finger.

    I get my classics from Project Gutenberg. Every format from lots of books in the public domain. Thanks Gutenberg! 🙂

    • Julie

      Yea, the freebies are so tempting! Good for you for slowing the 1-click finger. Rose has threatened to have my one click finger removed lol

  4. Donna

    Thanks for the resources! I get many of my books from our local library and sometimes get free kindle books from amazon via friend recommendations.

  5. Bookworm Brandee

    I’ve been trying to avoid Netgalley. I went click happy there and have sooo many books I need to read and review for them. :/ I recently subscribed to Book Bub and I’m thinking that wasn’t a smart thing to do. *ha* I also find freebies on blogs…but this will all be in my post when it goes up. 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…My TBR List ~ March ~ What Should I Read Next?

    • Julie

      Netgalley is a dangerous place. I have so many books I requested just hanging out wondering where I went lol

    • Julie

      There’s so many awesome places being listed by the people linking up. I gotta remember to stay away from them lol

    • Julie

      This is a fun topic because we can learn about so many more of those free ebook sites, and hoard even more books heh.

  6. Adrienne

    I also use BookBub to receive free ebooks for my Kindle. Another service I use to get free and discounted ebooks is Midlist. Besides that I exchange already read books with a friend of mine, I give her my read books and she gives me hers. So far for the challenge I’ve read 8 books. I did buy books both in January and February though. Hopefully March will prove easier.

    • Julie

      Overdrive for the library is awesome stuff 🙂 Pixel Ink, that sounds familiar but now I don’t remember why.

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