That’s what HE said Thursday- July 16, 2015

July 16, 2015 ThatsWhatHeSaid 10


Every Thursday we are hosting a meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday. For more info on what this meme is all about click here.


Julie Review AvatarJulie’s Quote:

“I’ve never been jealous before I met you, it burns, luv. Like silver through my veins. Some nights, watching you with other men on your jobs, I think it will drive me mad.”

Bones to Cat

(At Grave’s End by: Jeaniene Frost)

I thought it was time to share some more Bones 🙂 To explain the quote, Cat seduces vampires to get them alone and then kills them – yea it kind of sounds like she’s a hooker in that quote lol.

How about another?

“I love you, Kitten. There’s nothing on this earth or under it that can change that.”

Ok, this one isn’t to his girl Cat but to Cat’s Mom, Justina, but funny enough to also share 🙂

“Actually, Justina, I didn’t just ring you to chat about what an undead murderer I was…right, degenerate whore as well. Did I ever tell you my mum was one? No? Oh, blimey, I come from a long line of whores, in fact I called to give you the good news. I asked you daughter to marry me. Now, do you want me to call you Mum straightaway, or wait until after the wedding?”



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10 Responses to “That’s what HE said Thursday- July 16, 2015”

  1. Katiria Rodriguez

    Lol awesome pick I heard nothing but great reviews about this series. I really want to check this series out it really intrigues and interest me a lot. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • Julie

      It is a fun read 🙂
      So I finally rescued your comment from the spam filter. Hope you’re not still experiencing your comments not showing up.

  2. Tanya

    Great quotes! The first two are pretty swoony and that last one… too funny! I’m a new subscriber and this is my first time joining in on That’s What He Said Thursday. Had great fun doing it and already looking forward to next week. Can’t wait to see what others share!
    Tanya recently posted…That’s What *He* Said Thursday #01

    • Julie

      Hi Tanya, glad to have you join us! Looking forward to reading your first quote.

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