Book Review – Prisoner

September 4, 2015 Reviews 2 ★★★★½

Book Review – PrisonerPrisoner by Dennis W Green
Series: The Traveler #2
Publisher: Mbedzi Publishing
Date Published: August 1, 2015
Genres: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller, Time Travel
Format: eBook
Pages: 286
Rating: four-half-stars
Description: Trav Becker is a police detective with multiple lives. Or to be more accurate, he’s a police detective who knows that multiple versions of himself live in countless different streams of existence.

When another Trav Becker appears bleeding and dying at his front door, Trav quickly realizes that something is dreadfully wrong in the multiverse.

Pursued by an FBI profiler who believes (with some justification) that Trav is hiding something, the detective races to save two kidnapped girls while also trying to sort out why he keeps turning up dead.

Desperate to preserve his home timeline, Trav is thrust into a hidden war that threatens to destroy the very fabric of reality itself.

Dennis Green returns to the universe he created in "Traveler" for another mind-bending thriller.



Lynnpic Lynn’s Review:

Prisoner is the second book in The Traveler series by Dennis W. Green. (You can read my review of Traveler here.) Trav Becker is back. Along with all of the other Travs. And Sams. A year has past since the first book in the series. A year in which Trav has moved on with his life with no inter-dimensional traveling. And he liked it that way. But now, two little girls have been kidnapped, dead Travs are showing up at his door, and the format of his favorite radio station is slowly changing. And Trav needs to use his special abilities to solve the kidnapping and the appearance of the dead Travs. He’s kind of stuck with the radio station problem.

Again, I commend Mr. Green’s ability to keep all of the Travs straight. At least this time around, all of the Travs are wearing different movie ball caps to differentiate them. Movies like The Matrix and Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones. Oh, and our Trav, he wears a Stargate SG-1 hat! And there is more than one Stargate reference in the book. I especially love the nod to the time loop episodes. (And yes, HUGE Stargate fan!)

I seriously loved every thing about this book. The nods to geek culture are interwoven throughout the plot. And the Buckaroo Banzai shout-out had me literally laughing out loud. (One of my favorite movies.) I won’t spoil it for you. But trust me, if you’ve seen the movie, and read the book, you’ll totally get it. Trav’s sense of humor really speaks to me. (Or maybe that’s really Mr. Green’s sense of humor.) The last few pages sort of threw me for a loop. I had to re-read the ending a few times before I finally figured out what was going on.

And now that I’ve finished Prisoner, I’m ready for the next book. IMMEDIATELY. But I guess while I wait, I have a list of pop culture items to cross off:

  • Change my ring tone to Glass Tiger.
  • Re-watch Stargate SG-1, especially the time loop episodes.
  • Reatch Buckaroo Banzi. 
  • Figure out who I need to petition to get the next book in this series. 


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Rating Report
Overall: 4.3

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  1. Ramona

    I have put the first one on the list, but haven not got around to it yet :\ I’m the one missing out, I know… Excellent review & have a great weekend!

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