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 Let’s chat about taking literary tours. Have you ever visited a location just because you read about it in a story? Share any bookish trips you would love to take someday.

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

The only travel I have done for any bookish reason is the trip Rose and I took to Portland for the Maybe Someday book party. It isn’t exactly literary tourism, though, but it was a bit of a last hurrah type of trip since I was already pregnant at that time. Sometimes I come across a book that takes place in San Francisco, or Sacramento, or Houston and I get excited because I know the areas being described. Not exactly tourism either since I’ve lived in/around those places.

There are some bookish locations I would love to visit. I would love to go to New Orleans and see some of the sights that are famous in many vampire novels. I’d love to visit the Gone with the Windmuseum in Atlanta that I’ve heard about. Of course there’s also the Outlander tours in Scotland that have to be absolutely amazing.

I think it would be fun to take a bookish trip with a group. Like a traveling book club or something, where you read the book together, go to the location (especially if it is something special or exotic) and discuss it while enjoying the sights. But for now I’ll stick with the virtual vacations should I choose to Google the locations mentioned in a current read.



I recently read this great article on Second Run Reviews by Dennis W. Green about a Harry Dresden-style visit to Chicago. And I thought, hey, that’s a great idea. Why not take a book you really enjoyed, and visit the sites your favorite characters have visited.

I agree with Julie. There are many literary locations I would really like to visit. New Orleans (from Wicked). And definitely Scotland from Outlander. I still have hopes of meeting my own Jamie, even if he is “modern”.

But let’s get real. What about Narnia? or Hogwarts? or The Shire? Reading fantasy has had a serious impact on my life. And I want to be able to visit these fictional locations, too. I guess for now I’ll have to stick with virtual travel. At least to the fictional locations!

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15 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Literary Touring”

  1. Tina at Mommynificent

    My husband and I actually planned a major road trip based on Madeline L’Engle’s young adult book, The Moon by Night. We needed to get from Dallas to California and the book is about a family’s cross-country camping trip. We decided to make the same stops and camp at the same national and state parks that they did. I felt a little nerdy since we were adults and it’s kind of a kids’ book, but it was still awesome and we loved it! Is he my kindred spirit or what???

    Prince Edward Island is my dream literary tour. Someday, I hope.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!
    Tina at Mommynificent recently posted…Happy Thanksgiving! and Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party #123

    • Julie

      Ooh how awesome that you and hubby both wanted to do this bookish road trip and camping trip 🙂

  2. Verushka

    I’ve never taken a literary trip specifically, though I did visit 221B in London when I was there. Visiting New Zealand and the Shire has been on my to-do list for ages. And it’s the shortest plane ride from me, so it’s ideal!!
    Verushka recently posted…WOW: A Man’s World

    • Julie

      Ok visiting 221B is pretty awesome! If I ever visit London, I’ll have to make that a destination too.

  3. Bunnita @ Worth Reading It?

    I haven’t. I wanted to but something always came up that prevented me from doing it. I especially wanted to do it while I lived in New England since there were many books set in the area. I have been to location where books had be set in but I never got around to link the book and the trip.

    It’s funny that you brought up this topic as I have been planning a project on the subject.
    Bunnita @ Worth Reading It? recently posted…2015 Discussion Challenge – Happy Ending?

    • Julie

      Yea just being at a location is quite different than linking it to a book in a specific way. But still, being familiar with the sights described helps.

    • Julie

      It is neat when you learn something new about a place you are familiar with just because you read about it in a fictional novel 🙂

    • Lynn

      I was thinking the same thing just yesterday, Stefani. Dan Brown’s books would be excellent for some literary tourism.

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