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 Are there any historical characters that you would want to see reimagined in modern times?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I’ve seen a lot of books about time travel to historical periods, like Outlander for example, but I really haven’t read any of the reverse situation. Sleepy Hollow is an example of this in a TV show, and we’ve kind of seen it a lot in vampire novels, where an ancient vampire awakens after years of hibernation.  It would be fun to see a historical character trying to figure out what in the world is going on with our current technology and societal changes. We’ve maybe had some conversations of historical figures and thought about their opinions on today’s world. What would George Washington think of today’s politics, for example?  How would Jane Austen write today? But let’s go fictional. I want to read a story about Scarlett O’Hara falling up through time and landing in modern times. How would she adapt? What would she be like? I think that would make an interesting read.



With few exceptions that I can think of (Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series being one), most time travel books are present or modern-day characters traveling back in time.

But imagine the fish out of water scenario that would be Jamie Fraser in modern America. Or even 1970’s America. I think he’d fit in well with the modern, small farm movement. But would be aghast at what constitutes fashion. He’d also have major motion sickness in planes, trains, and cars, let alone boats. And modern plumbing would be a serious fascination. Then there is the countless types of Scotch and whiskey that he could buy at any local store.  

I’d also like to imagine that Elizabeth and Darcy would manage just fine in modern times. But Mrs. Bennett? And Mr. Collins? Both thrive on society and impressing others. I can imagine them with few, reluctant, social media followers, but always pestering everyone to follow them on EVERY social media platform. 

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7 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: historical characters in modern times”

  1. Jess@Fairday's Blog

    This is definitely an interesting question and I agree that most of the time it is modern characters going back in time. Scarlet would be fascinating to see in today’s times- especially depending on where she landed. The more I think about it the more interesting it would be to see someone from long ago trying to adjust to the modern world. Great question!

  2. Bookworm Brandee

    Oh, this is fun to think about. I agree that Elizabeth and Darcy would probably make it just fine in modern day. Scarlet O’Hara would be something to see in modern times! *ha* I met an author back in October (I’ll have to go back to find her card) that was working on a book with Billy the Kid in modern day…seeing himself in Young Guns, etc. It sounded like a lot of fun. How about Benjamin Franklin? Think of all he could accomplish in modern times…
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  3. Emma

    Such a good question! I think this could make such a great book premise. Jane Austen characters dating in the modern world, swiping right on Tinder etc, would be so hilarious.

    • Julie

      Yes, definitely time travel into the future, where the change is a huge shock rather than an old vampire who had to adapt over time.

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