Chat Between Chapters: Literary Jokes/Puns

March 13, 2016 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 5


 Let’s chat about literary jokes/puns. Where do you usually see these?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

How many of these Buzzfeed 25 Jokes Only Book Nerds Will Understand do you get?

Here are some silly literary puns, and even explanations.

There are TONS of Tumblr posts tagged as literary jokes. I’m enjoying reading through them. I thought I’d share some.



What Julie said. No, really. I’m a huge pun-atic. And I soak up all of the Buzzfeed and Tumblr posts I can find with silly puns. I’m especially fond of visual puns. I love these silly pictures! 







How about everyone else? Are you into puns?


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