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#ShelfLove Challenge 2016

We’re co-hosting the #ShelfLove challenge again this year so join us and read more of the books you already bought!

April 2016: The 2nd Week of April is Library Week. Tell us about your local library and what makes is special to you.

Julie Review Avatar Julie’s Challenge Update:

I honestly haven’t physycally been to our local library for library use. We’ve attended some HOA meetings there, but it is difficult to physically go into a library with a wailing baby. I’ve wanted to attend the library events put on for infants and toddlers, but unfortunately, they are only during the week, and some of us have to work. So my library love is all about the virtual use of my library via the Overdrive app. I often check out audiobooks through our county library system and it is so awesome and convenient to be able to get books from a library directly to my phone without physically going in. I haven’t done this with an ebook yet though, because I don’t believe the overdrive app is an option on my Kindle paperwhite. I have a Goodreads shelf where I tag books I get from the library, and it has quite a few great reads/listens on it.

Anywhoo, love your library. Free books people. You just can’t keep them 😉



Lynnpic Lynn’s Challenge Update:

I am a big fan of libraries. I always check the library first before purchasing a book in any format. Before I moved to Houston, I donated a bunch of books to my local library. (Weight counts when moving!) It was sad for me to get rid of those books, but I was glad to know that someone else would get some use out of them in the end. I really don’t do much physical visiting to the library. Mostly picking up books I’ve reserved. I do pick up books at multiple library branches, though, depending on where I am going to be in the city.  I agree with Julie on Overdrive. I use it all of the time. For audio and ebooks. It’s great to be able to borrow digital copies of books. Even if sometimes I have to wait for 67 people in front of me. I use hoopla a lot, too. It’s similar to Overdrive, with audiobooks. There are videos and ebooks as well. The selection isn’t as vast as Overdrive, but is getting better every day. The benefit of hoopla is there is no wait! (Tip – check out hoopla items in the evening. Their checkout “day” starts at 7pm so more items are available then!)

Support you local libraries! Free books that don’t take up space you don’t have at home! 



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10 Responses to “#ShelfLove: Library Love”

  1. JenM

    Sorry for the late reply. I use Overdrive all the time to check out ebooks in Kindle format. It’s awesome. I signed up awhile ago, so I don’t remember the details, but I think that when I created my Overdrive account through my library’s webpage, it asked me for the Kindle email address that I wanted books to be sent to as well as my Amazon email address, and that’s all that was needed. When I check out ebooks, I choose to download in Kindle format, and it opens up an Amazon page that asks me to accept the library loan, then sends the book to my Kindle just like an Amazon purchase.

    Once or twice, Kindle format wasn’t an option for a book I wanted, but that’s not a problem either. You just have to download the Overdrive app to your mobile device, then choose Overdrive format when you check out and you can then open it up and read it using the Overdrive reader. If you already have the Overdrive app to listen to audio books, you are probably ready to go to read ebooks also. I’m not very technologically savvy so I may not be explaining this very well, but it was all very easy and self-explanatory.

  2. Bookworm Brandee

    Wow – I don’t visit for a week and y’all completely change things around! 😉 I like the new look, ladies.

    Julie, I had to giggle that you don’t visit your library because of a wailing baby in tow. 😉 Someday soon you and he will be able to ‘get lost’ in there.
    Lynn, it’s fantastic that you donated books to your local library. I do that as well when I’m making some space. 🙂 And I’ve been making use of my library a lot more lately. What’s not to love about a library?!?
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Blog Tour Review & #Giveaway ~ Prince of the Playhouse ~ Tara Lain (@TaraLain)

    • Julie

      Yay glad you like our new look 🙂 We kind of snuck it on people didn’t we? I’ve been wanting to change the look for a very long time and finally got inspired. It was Lynn’s idea to time it with the blogoversary. And yes, I’m looking forward to losing ourselves in the library together sometime soon.

  3. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I primarily used my school library as a kid. I was there ALL THE TIME. Seriously. In middle school, the librarian and the aide let me check out myself if they were away from the counter. I didn’t know there was such a thing as public libraries until I was in middle school. At the time, our library was literally this little shack-like building that had continuously been added on to over the years, so it was like a maze tunnel inside. We finally got a proper library built, but one of the workers has the stink eye for me (small town political bullshit – she didn’t like my grandma because she didn’t believe in hoarding all the money for an organization they were both a part of), so I frequented it less and less. In college, I visited the local library once or twice. When I moved to Austin, I had to PAY for a public library membership. And then I had to PAY to RENEW it! After the first year I was done with that. I don’t visit any libraries now except for my school library.

    • Julie

      Wow the Austin library makes you pay to play? Um that’s kind of un-library of them. I’ve had 3 different library cards in Houston – city and counties, all free.

  4. Nikki

    Huh, I hadn’t heard about hoopla yet. I don’t know if it works in the UK, but I like to know about this kind of thing anyway — I should check it out!

    Gotta love online library services in general; it’s amazing the range of books you can get that way.
    Nikki recently posted…Review – Fathom

    • Lynn

      Exactly, Nikki. And I’m not sure about hoopla in the UK, either. Report back!

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