Chat Between Chapters: Covers we are Drawn to

April 17, 2016 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 9


 Let’s chat about the covers that we are just drawn to.

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

Here are some of the things I love most on covers and I will just want to pick up the book:

  • Beautiful dresses with a fairy tale look. I don’t know why. I just love that swirly-whirly ethereal feel on YA covers. Bonus points if it is *not* a fairy book.
  • Vivid colors/fonts combination. Grabs my eyes, now I must read more.
  • Funky futuristic looking dystopian covers with blurred lines and abstractness. Yes please.
  • Illustrated covers that look like real people. So, not models, but nicely drawn illustrations.
  • Covers with an illusion. Like, you have to look again and you see something else.



After switching to ebooks, I don’t tend to think about book covers as much. But generally speaking, I’m more drawn to the following:

  • Covers without people. Yes, I know. I’d rather look at some cool drawing or picture of jewelry or furniture, or anything else rather than some half-dressed person. I’m this way with art as well. Give me a landscape or bowl of fruit over a portrait any day.
  • Conveyed action. If I’m looking at an action or adventure book about a boat or a plane or an iceberg, put that on the cover!
  • Colors. I do like to see more than just black letters on a white cover. And even more so if it’s shiny or reflective.
  • Special editions. Pink page ends. Maps on the inside of hardbacks. Imprints on hardback covers when I take off the dust jacket.

How about you? Are there certain aspects of cover art that draw you in, no matter what? And tune back next month when we talk about our major book turn-offs!

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9 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Covers we are Drawn to”

    • Julie

      The AG Howard covers are amazing and really drew me in. So vivid and I agree on the whimsical.

    • Lynn

      I definitely think we are drawn to book covers with similar aspects to what we are drawn to in life, Melanie. Like you and tattoos. Or me and not having people on covers.

    • Lynn

      I’d have to agree with you on the titles, Terri. And steampunk-y is totally a word!

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