Chat Between Chapters: X-Mas in July

July 24, 2016 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 1


It’s July, so let’s get ready to talk about Christmas. IKR? What’s on your wishlists?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I’m with Lynn… need to invent a thing called more free time to read.

Let’s see, though, what would be on my wishlist. I’m horrible at these things.

  • The next Charley Davidson. Because that series rocks. Even if I still have to read book 9. I still want 10.
  • The Lunar Chroniclesprint books. Because they are the pretty. And I did them on audio.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Because.
  • All the Colleen Hoover books I haven’t read. To add to my collection. So, in print. I have a shelf.
  • More sunshine but less heat in the evenings, so I can read outside? Who am I kidding, I have a kid to chase.
  • To be able to use my library again. Again with the kidding. See above.
  • To not fall asleep when I try to read a book and get cozy. Or maybe that’s ok.

See? Horrible at these things.

On to you!



Besides the obvious wish of having all the time in the world to sit around and read, while still being able to pay my bills, my Christmas wishlist includes:

  • Anything new from Rainbow Rowell. Anything.
  • Book to movie adaptations to not be bad. I’m talking to you, Ready Player One movie.
  • The next season of Shadowhunters and the next season of Outlander to both be here already. And be good.
  • American Gods the TV series.
  • Might as well add Game of Thrones as well. Next summer is a long way off.
  • The new Stephanie Meyer book. Which will hopefully have some Cullen-ish family moments.
  • The third A Court of Thorns and Roses book. Ok sure, I need to still read the second. But I’m anxious for this one already!
  •  An end to illiteracy. (I’m not completely shallow!)


How about you? Are you making your Christmas wishlist already? There are only 153 more shopping days til Christmas!



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