Outlander Season 2 – TV Show Review

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Outlander Season 2

Outlander follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened.

When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

From imdb.

Starring: Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe

Creator: Ronald D. Moore




We here at Chapter Break are very fond of JAMMF and the Outlander book series. And, it turns out, the TV series as well. Read on for our season two discussion. Insert spoiler warning here! Hope you enjoy our chat.


Julie Review AvatarSo I did finish the season finale last night. Cozy in my bed. Then remembered I forgot to set the coffee and had to get up. But it was a great episode.


Lynnpic avatarIt was a great episode. I’m hoping next season is more like that one – with the back and forth in time. And some actual emotion.


Julie Review AvatarI definitely liked it more than season 1

Loved all the gorgeous costumes in France! And that nipple dress!! Great costume design for sure haha.


[Editor’s Note: Julie said we shouldn’t use the picture of the nipple dress. She’s probably right. But if you WANT to see it yourself, (insert explicit NSFW warning here) click here.]


Lynnpic avataryes – I agree. I really liked this season more. And the costumes from France were amazing. The amount of time and money and energy put into something like the nipple dress which was on screen for minutes is pretty astounding,


Julie Review AvatarI found the book to be tedious but having the visual elements and great acting really helped me enjoy the show.


Lynnpic avatarhuh – Dragonfly is my fav of all the books!


Julie Review AvatarI agree with that! The dress was on camera for minutes but must have cost a ton of moneys!

Rose’s too. But I wasn’t feeling it. Too much political scheming. But on screen it worked well.


Lynnpic avatarBut what I missed most from the books is the tension. The books start in 1968 – with Claire thinking Jamie is dead. And then the cliff hanger at the end of finding out he’s alive about gave me a heart attack.

Lynnpic avatarIt did work really well on screen. I LOVED Comte St. Germain. Stanley Webber is my new obsession.



Julie Review AvatarYes that was quite a shock in the book. I mean, there were future books so clearly he had to be, but it was a huge bomb to drop.


Lynnpic avatarit was!


Julie Review AvatarI did feel like only having the first episode and the last have flash forwards wasn’t enough


Lynnpic avatarRight? Me, too. I think that’s why I loved the last one so much. The back and forth.

Well, that and Roger!


Julie Review AvatarYes, Roger was awesome!

Not sure how I feel about Brianna.


Lynnpic avatarif you haven’t watched Crimson Field, you should check it out! WWI doctor/nurse show with Richard Rankin.

Lynnpic avatarI’m on the fence about her, too. She was kind of whiny. And I’m not so sure her acting is that impressive, either.


Julie Review AvatarHmm I haven’t heard of it. Netflix?

But she does look like Sam!


Lynnpic avatarAmazon. I think. It was on PBS. It’s a BBC show. It’s really good!

She does at that!


Julie Review AvatarAnd Sam Heughan is the most perfect Jamie ever imagined.



Lynnpic avatarlol. I’m sure there are others who would dispute that. But I’m not one of them. I really like him as Jamie.


Julie Review AvatarI think reading the book really helped my enjoyment of the show because I understood everything going on. I wonder how it came across to someone not familiar with the story line.


Lynnpic avatarGood point. As I watch it with friends who aren’t impressed with the show, I wonder about that, too. Like would you enjoy it more without having the emotional connection to the book?

Lynnpic avatarI enjoy both (the book and the show) as entirely separate – and don’t compare them. That works best for me.


Julie Review AvatarI definitely think being a fan already helps. Might be why I couldn’t get into GoT


Lynnpic avatarcould be. But GoT is WAY more complicated. With a lot more story lines. I can understand not getting into that show.

Lynnpic avatarBut yes, I agree. Being a fan of the books is WHY I watch the show. Seeing the visualization of the scenes is great. Plus the scenery. (and I’m talking Scotland here, not Sam’s knees.)


Julie Review AvatarI also only gave it 4 episodes. It took longer to get into Outlander season 1 but I stuck with it because I was already a fan. This season I got into it right away. I binge watched over two weekends.

Julie Review AvatarLmao at Sam’s knees. There is so much knee in this show!



[Editor’s note: see the source for even more knee / thigh love.]


Lynnpic avatarwow – that’s impressive. I fell behind and it took me forever to catch up. But also because I wanted to give it my full attention while watching.

Lynnpic avatarThere is a lot of knee action! The benefit of the kilts.


Julie Review AvatarI let them collect and then watched while I was sick and on the couch anyway hah

Full attention? What’s that? 😂


Lynnpic avatarlol – Maybe the kid would like Outlander. Horses!


Julie Review AvatarSo now I wonder, are they gonna have old makeup on for the rest of the seasons? Assuming the show continues.

Julie Review AvatarCause that might take away from the visual aspect of the show lol


Lynnpic avatarIDK – I know that’s why they picked actors in their 30’s – so they could “look older”. The grey streak in Claire’s hair might be the extent of it for her.

Lynnpic avatarplus, how are they going to tell the story – flashbacks?


Julie Review AvatarWell part of book 3 is flashbacks over 20 years so maybe they’ll extend that.


Lynnpic avataryes – maybe. There is a LOT of story in the third book. I imagine something’s going to get cut out.


Julie Review AvatarI’m looking forward to more Fergus!



Lynnpic avatarMe, too. I loved Fergus!
And we’ll get more of Jenny and the Murray’s. They are great, too.

Lynnpic avatarYoung Ian!


Julie Review AvatarYea but unfortunately more Leghair.


Lynnpic avataryeah. That is unfortunate.


Julie Review AvatarI am glad they didn’t do a random long break like first season.


Lynnpic avatarYeah – that was REALLY annoying.
At least they learned something from GoT! Show everything at one time

Lynnpic avatarDid you have a fav episode (other than the finale?)
Mine was Faith for sure – the miscarriage one.

Lynnpic avatarVery emotional!


Julie Review AvatarThat one was rough, wonderful acting.


Lynnpic avataryes. Plus, I was kind of glad for the end of the whole France thing and going back to Scotland


Julie Review AvatarI also enjoyed The Count getting his comeuppance


Lynnpic avatarhahaha. That was good. And he knew it was coming!


Julie Review AvatarAnd later, Duke.


Lynnpic avatarYes. He definitely deserved what he got! Nothing like playing both sides.


Julie Review AvatarHmm it occurs to me that Claire never gave the Mary and Black Jack Randall thing any evaluation. In the book she makes a big deal about Frank’s bloodline not actually being from Captain Randall.


Lynnpic avatarright? I thought of that too. Like she doesn’t even figure it out til she’s standing there at the end and Mary says she’s pregnant. That was a bit loose on the interpretation.


Julie Review AvatarYea it was a lot of book to squeeze into one season. The next season might need to be longer. But that seemed like an important element.


Lynnpic avatarI think you are right – when they cut out the background scenes, you are left wondering why Claire is so obsessed with Jamie NOT killing Black Jack. Especially after she remembers where she knows Mary from


Julie Review AvatarYea it would have been a one-minute explanation to tie it together


Lynnpic avataryes, for sure.
What did you think of the Bonny Prince?

Lynnpic avatarI thought the actor accurately portrayed him.


Julie Review AvatarHmm not sure what to make of him. Definitely a dreamer who maybe was blinded by the glory he sought.


Lynnpic avatar
And not a very good leader.

Lynnpic avatarI was with Claire and her decision to put us out of his misery


Julie Review AvatarYes good portrayal but he kind of annoyed me at times. He was supposed to be loved by all right?


Lynnpic avatarI think his father was more the one who was loved.


Julie Review AvatarAgreed. If Dougal just stayed out of it.


Lynnpic avataryes. for sure. Silly Dougal. Eavesdropping does not pay off.


Julie Review AvatarAnd why would Jamie be in so much trouble? It’s not like Dougal wasn’t about to kill him.


Lynnpic avatarI think Jamie was still wanted from before. And even more so after the Bonny Prince signed Jamie’s name to that declaration.


Julie Review AvatarTrue, but it wasn’t until Dougal’s murder that he made Claire go back.


Lynnpic avataryes. I think that was a tipping point as well. He really thought he was going to die.


Lynnpic avatarOh – and I’m no geography expert. But how close could Culloden be to the stones? Apparently very close if they could get there in a couple of hours by horse


Julie Review AvatarRight, less than a couple hours cause he had time to do his will and return to fight.

In the 2 hours he asked for.


Lynnpic avataryeah – that part is a little far fetched. Even in the book.


Julie Review AvatarMust not be too far if they went sight seeing with Brianna all in one afternoon too


Lynnpic avatarbut at least they had a car. and roads.


Julie Review AvatarTrue. Cars > horses.


Lynnpic avatarfor sure.


Lynnpic avatarspeaking of the future – what did you think of that whole sun rising over the stones? Personally a little cheesy for me.


Lynnpic avatarBut glad to see Geillis again!


Julie Review AvatarYea totally cheesy! “I have to go back” not quite how that happened.


Lynnpic avatarno.

oh – and the part where Bree and Roger both heard the stones? That’s not in that book, either.


Julie Review AvatarThe Geillis scene was too fast. Didn’t she see Claire in the book before she crossed?

I thought they both did? Or was that in the next book?


Lynnpic avatarin the next book – they meet up again. But I thought they meet – because Geillis mentions it later. (or in the past. TIME TRAVEL!) How would Geillis have known to say something to Claire without actually seeing Claire?


Julie Review AvatarRight cause I think she recognized Claire

In the past.


Lynnpic avatarI think so, too


Julie Review Avatar

Well I think we might be done heh


Lynnpic avatarlol – I think so too!

So wrapping up – Solid B from me.


Julie Review AvatarIs that like 4 star?


Lynnpic avatarYes – I think so

I’m good with 4 stars


Julie Review AvatarYea I would agree with that rating


Lynnpic avatarGreat. I’m looking forward to next season!



What about everyone else? Are you watching Outlander? What did you think about season 2?



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5 Responses to “Outlander Season 2 – TV Show Review”

  1. Livia

    “Mark me…” LOFL! Yes, he was a bit annoying at times. He was so dandified I couldn’t imagine how he put a bun in whatsherface’s oven.

    I enjoyed season 2 almost as much as season 1. I’m not a book fan, so I’m a tv show only fan. I waited to binge watch season 1 until closer to the season 2 premiere, and that worked well for my sieve like memory. The “Faith” episode was an amazing showcase for Cait’s acting. She was robbed of an Emmy nomination, such a shame! Some of the things that you ladies had an issue with didn’t bother me but that’s probably because I’m not a huge time travel fan to begin with and have no plans to ever read the books. They’re too long for me at this point in my ADD existence, so having the television “Cliff’s Notes” version works really well for me.

    I never warmed to the Comte or Fergus (actors or characters). They are means to an end to me. I do fall hard for Master Raymond and loved that scene that ended in with him and Claire outwitting the Comte. Good riddance to the Comte!

    I’m going to miss Jaime’s sidekick the most, Murtagh Fraser. I participated in the #SaveMurtagh campaign, but alas, I understand there is no changing his fate.

    Overall, I’d rate season 2 as A- (or 4.5 stars) since season 1 had more episodes that rate among my favorites so far.

    • Lynn

      I can see the reservations with Fergus and Comte. Those characters are definitely more developed in the books. And you are right, Livia. Cait was robbed of that Emmy nomination!

  2. Terri M.

    All that chatter NO mention of the “Faith” episode? I don’t have kids that episode had me curled up in a fetal position in a hotel bed sobbing for an hour. Holy crap, that episode alone was worth the entire season.

    I will miss Dougal. He was prefectly cast.

    I will not miss the Bonnie Prince. If I had to hear to words, “Mark me…” one more time I would have punched my TV.
    Terri M. recently posted…Introducing Stephanie Gresham, author | In the Spotlight Interview

    • Julie

      The Faith episode was brutal. We did talk about it – when we talked about fave episode of the season. Somewhere in the middle there 🙂

    • Lynn

      I agree with you on Dougal. Terri. And Mark Me. EVERY TIME Charlie said that I wanted to scream.

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