Chapter Break Bingo – August 2016 Completed Cards

August 31, 2016 Bookish Bingo 14


Alright everyone, did you fill out your Bookish Bingo Cards? Share your cards, and link up your posts below!

Recap of the rules:

Each month we will upload a new bingo card. You download the bingo card and mark off squares as you read books each month. At the end of the month, we will post our own bingo cards. Link up your post or post your own bingo card in the comments.
The monthly winner will be the person with the most marked squares. None of that across, diagonal, up and down, corners stuff. Just the number of squares. Be sure to include the books you’ve read for each of the squares. Only books read during the current month count. You may use the same book to fill multiple squares. We’ll announce the winner the following month to allow everyone time to link up their posts.

And to encourage more people than Julie and I to participate, we are going to have a quarterly raffle!


August Bookish Bingo

BingoAugust Click on the card to download (or right click here and save-as).

Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.

A few clarifications from the vague descriptions this month. (There is only so much room in those little squares to type!)

  • From the Boy’s POV: This would be a romance told from the male point of view. Like Hopeless and Losing Hope. Losing Hope would count, as it’s from Holder’s POV.
  • Helper Professional: This would be anyone who “helps” for a living. Police, Fireman, Cook, Housekeeper. Nanny. You get the idea.
  • Free is NOT the same as the Free Space. This is a book received for free.


Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I got 22 out of 25. Not too shabby. I did totally fail on Shelf Love this month, though. 🙁


The books I read in August (that covered bingo squares – I read others that did not):

Boy Meets Boy – Park, Romance, Best Friends, Diversity, Artist/Writer, From the Boy’s POV, Band/Musician, Free book, Set on a School Campus

Numbers Ignite – Running, FBI/CIA/Military, Dystopia, Murder, Family

Ancient Magic – Adventure

Texas In Her Own Words – Carpenter, Historical,  Tourist

Raphael – Helper Profession, Sea/Ocean/Water on the Cover

Feeding Toddlers – Cooking

And FREE square.



I have 24 out of 25 squares this month. There is always that pesky last square!

Bingo August Complete

Here are the books I read in August:

Deadly Encounter: Park, Pets, FBI/CIA/Military, Murder, Family, Free book

Sea of Tranquility: Running, Romance, Best Friends, Carpenter, Sea/Ocean/Water on the cover

Infinite Sea: Helper Profession, Dystopia, Cooking,

Indigo Spell: Library Book, Artist/Writer, Adventure, Set on a school campus

Red Rising: Shelf love

Boy Meets Boy: Diversity, Band/Musician

Grave Matter: Historical

Trust in Me: From the Boy’s POV

FREE Square



And now for the announcement everyone has been waiting for:



The winner of most squares for July: Two Ties this month! Julie and I both tied with 25 each! And Rose Milligan and Zoe from If the Book both tied with 21! Congrats to everyone!


How did everyone else do? Link up your posts or comment with your cards!


Alright, link up your completed Bingo cards here:


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14 Responses to “Chapter Break Bingo – August 2016 Completed Cards”

  1. Kristine Hall

    Oregon Kids: The Big Catch: park, family, water on cover
    Egg & Spoon: pets, free, adventure, shelf love
    Red Queen: military, romance, murder, dystopia, best friends
    Family Man: helper
    Mayhem: historical
    Free Space
    More than I expected given how few books I got read in August!
    Kristine Hall recently posted…Red Queen (Red Queen #1)

      • Lynn

        Yes – it’s a challenge we are hosting – where you read books you’ve owned before January 2016. Turns out, it’s pretty challenging with all the new shiny books out there! And great job on your bingo card!

  2. Rose Milligan

    August Bookish Bingo

    Books Read
    Judy Moody was in a mood – Megan McDonald
    Patriarch Run – Benjamin Dancer
    Mummies in the Morning – Mary Pope Osborne
    The Spectacular Now – Tim Tharp
    Pirates Past Noon – Mary Pope Osborne
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne
    The Worst Witch Saves the Day – Jill Murphy
    Noggin – John Corey Whaley
    The Dragon’s Staircase – McKenna Grey & Everly Archard

    Bingo Card
    1 Park
    2 Pets
    Judy Moody
    3 Running
    Mummies in the Morning
    4 FBI/CIA/Military
    Patriarch Run
    5 Helper Profession
    The Dragon’s Staircase
    6 Romance
    The Dragon’s Staircase
    7 Best Friends
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    8 Carpenter
    The Dragon’s Staircase
    9 Sea/Ocean/Water on the Cover
    Pirates Past Noon
    10 Dystopia
    11 Library Book
    Judy Moody
    12 Historical
    13 Free Space
    14 Shelf-Love Book
    Patriarch Run
    15 Cooking
    The Dragon’s Staircase
    16 Diversity
    17 Artist/Writer
    The Spectacular Now
    18 From the Boy’s POV (Romance)
    19 Murder
    Patriarch Run
    20 Band/Musician
    21 Family
    Patriarch Run
    22 Adventure
    Mummies in the Morning
    23 Tourist
    The Dragon’s Staircase
    24 Free (Book received for free)
    Patriarch Run
    25 Set on a School Campus
    The Worst Witch Saves the Day

    I got a total of 22 squares!

    • Julie

      A little of both. For me I usually get lucky and my books will cover some squares, but sometimes if I really want to do well (like that one month I covered every square) I went out in search of books to read for specific squares (like the cowboy book I read just for that one square). We try to make some generic and easy enough so it should fit many books (like in a series, or family) but others are very specific based on the particular random holidays going on that month (that also sometimes align with the topics in our chat between chapters discussions). Looking forward to seeing your card Brandee!

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