Chat About Covers: Callie (The Women of Valley View #1)

September 13, 2016 Chat About Covers 6



We’re starting a new feature here on Chapter Break called Chat About Covers. ‘Cause you know we all judge books by covers, whether we admit it or not. We judge the style, the color and font choices, and just the overall look. That might not keep us from reading the book, but we do still judge.



Julie Review Avatar

Our lovely friend Terri of Second Run Reviews pointed me to this cover.  There’s quite a bit going on here that makes me cross-eyed.

One thing Terri specifically mentioned, is the front woman’s eyes. They really do look creepy, like those old paintings that follow you around the room.

The fonts – are all over the place. 3 different fonts. 3 different looks. And the bottom one is worst of all, blindy blindy. White on black hurts to read. Period.

The background is all blurry like and then some random hugging people. Just, nothing is right with this cover! Sorry to the author/cover designer for all the hatorade on this cover.


Lynnpic avatar
I agree with Julie on all her points! Creepy eye – check. Blurry – check. Weird fonts – check. Which one is the title and which one is the author?

I’d add that this cover makes me want to put on my sunglasses. TOO BRIGHT.

I do like the clouds / sun. If everything else was removed, I’d enjoy that picture of just the clouds and sun shining through. I’d keep the grass and flowers, too.


What are your thoughts on this cover?

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6 Responses to “Chat About Covers: Callie (The Women of Valley View #1)”

  1. Berls

    Lmao! It’s funny because when I saw this cover I was like “meh, I don’t like it and probably wouldn’t even consider the book” but I didn’t have any specific complaints. After reading your comments I realize that I agree completely, I just couldn’t put my finger on it!
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