#ShelfLove: Bookish Gift Wishlist

October 1, 2016 Featured Posts, Shelf Love 2016 11

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#ShelfLove Challenge 2016

We’re co-hosting the #ShelfLove challenge again this year so join us and read more of the books you already bought!

October’s topic: Christmas is two months away! What books or bookish gifts are on your wish list this year?

Julie Review Avatar Julie’s Challenge Update:

Can I be really lame and say my bookish wishlist includes more time in my life for bookish things? Or do I have to include tangible gifts? LOL

Recently the cable thinger in my car that magically allows me to listen to audio books from my phone directly over my car speakers stopped working. I think the input in my car died. So now my listening experience is severely impacted. I’ve been doing BT Mono app over Bluetooth but it isn’t the same, and gets messed up if a call comes in. Next time I go get my car serviced I’ll have them look at it but for now? I would love a work around.

Something like this perhaps? Though I can’t tell if it will work plugged into my phone and connect to my car’s Bluetooth, since both devices are Bluetooth so I might have the same interference issue when calls come across.

Or maybe I just need to start using a Bluetooth earbud? only in one ear, obv, since I still need to hear the world around me while I drive.

I have been failing this challenge lately. Not only am I not reading very much lately, but I’m focusing on review books (or free SYNC audiobooks) and haven’t read anything from my shelves in a while. *Kicks self*

My original goal was 21-30 books, and I’m currently at about 10. *hangs head*



Lynnpic Lynn’s Challenge Update:

Do world peace and/or the end to illiteracy count? If so, I want those.

The books I want aren’t released til spring. I’ll take time travel as a gift as well!


In book related gifts, I could go for some awesome book shelves or book ends. In book-related clothing, I keep asking my sister to make me an Outlander cowl scarf. But sadly, I don’t really need a cozy cowl in Texas.  😕


In Shelf Love updates, I managed to read no shelf love books this month. Which is kind of sad. I’ll need to start reading two per month to make it to my goal.


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11 Responses to “#ShelfLove: Bookish Gift Wishlist”

  1. Livia

    My Honda Civic is a 2006 edition and didn’t come with a Bluetooth or MP3 player drive. I listen to 99% of my audiobooks via my iPod Classic and connect it to a portable speaker that I put in the dash holder. Good luck finding something that works for you until you get your speaker input fixed, Julie!

    I moved in late August and still can’t afford to add internet for my new place. I need a permanent and/or a roommate in order to do that, so I’ve been reading more audiobooks that I’ve collected. Some of those audiobooks I already owned in e-book and or paperback format. I finally realized that audiobooks are the way to go if I ever want to read the e-books and physical books I already own. I wait for a sale on Audible or grab the audiobook from my local library. I didn’t set a challenge number specifically for my bookshelves though, but I’ve knocked at almost a dozen books via audiobook format that I owned in another format.

    • Lynn

      great job, Livia! And yes, audiobooks are the only way I can keep up with all the books I need to read, too!

    • Julie

      Probably? I had one in my previous car, but I think I still had to use BT Mono to transmit over it using Bluetooth. I had a Motorolla one, it worked great until it stopped haha.

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