Chat Between Chapters: Give up your Shoulds

November 6, 2016 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 4


 Give up your shoulds – what should we be doing instead of reading?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

Things I should be doing (and usually am doing) instead of reading:

  • Sleeping – what’s that again?
  • Working – this takes up so much of my life
  • Caring for my kid – this takes up the rest of my life, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing
  • Caring for my pets – why are living things so demanding of my time?
  • Eating – sometimes standing up, because of things mentioned above
  • Cleaning the house – well, not that I really do very often
  • Bathing – sometimes I get to be clean!
  • Talking on the phone with my family – especially the hubby who is away
  • Watching TV – oh let’s get real I can’t remember the last time I turned it on
  • Driving (well, thanks to audiobooks, I do still read and drive!)



My list of should be doing instead of reading is pretty similar to Julie’s. Especially when I spend an entire weekend reading and not being the least bit productive.

  • Cleaning – Who wants to do that anyway.
  • Enjoying the outdoors – you know what’s outdoors? Bugs. And allergens. Pass.
  • Socializing with friends – My friends think this. Not me.
  • Getting ahead on blog posts.


How about you? Any shoulds you want to fess up about?

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4 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Give up your Shoulds”

  1. Livia

    Unpacking and reorganizing my things to fit into my current space. Instead I choose to binge re-watch Fringe and read when I can get to B&N or the library

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