Chat Between Chapters: Characters we want to Throttle

February 19, 2017 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 4


  You know there are some characters out there we just want to throttle. Let’s chat about them.

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

You know who I really want to throttle? Anastasia of Fifty Shades shame… er.. fame. What in the world is the thinking? Sure, in the end things turn out well for her, but the torment to get there? Shaking my head at her.



I totally agree with Julie about Ana. She is definitely not a favorite character for me!

I’m planning on throttling Zoe Sage from the Bloodlines series. And heck, the rest of the Alchemists while we are at it. I don’t think Zoe’s intentions were every good. And she pretty much ruined everything for Sydney and Adrian. It’s time for Sydney and Adrian to topple the Alchemists!


How about you? are there any characters that you just can’t stand?

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