Chat Between Chapters: Fictional cars we’d love to drive

March 5, 2017 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 1


 Let’s chat about the fictional cars we’d love to drive.

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

Check it out, what a fun topic. Even Wikipedia has an article on fictional cars! And there’s this other article on the 50 coolest fictional cars.

I would totally LOVE to drive, er, technically that isn’t the right word. But the flying car from Harry Potter. I mean, wouldn’t you? Skip right over traffic. yes, please.

Also, I mean, the time machine. Because DUH.

And a little more obscure and bookish is the caddy called Mariah from Out of the Easy. Now that sounded like a nice ride.




If we are going full out fictional cars, I’d take either the Mach 5 or Speedy Buggy! But if we are sticking with cars from books, I’d pick any of Dirk Pitts. This one in particular.

I can totally see myself tooling around in this!


What about you? Do you have any fictional dream cars?

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