Wickedly They Come Review

March 6, 2017 Reviews 3 ★★★

Wickedly They Come ReviewWickedly They Come by Cathrina Constantine
Series: Wickedly #1
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Date Published: December 16th 2015
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 352
Audiobook Length: 7 hrs and 46 mins
Audiobook Narrator: Andrea Emmes
Source: Provided as part of book tour
Rating: three-stars
Description: A gripping dark fantasy! A Destined Prophecy:

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Julie Review Avatar Julie’s Review:

My quick-fire thoughts: This book won an award?

And now for more detail, I suppose.

Look, I’m a huge fan of shows like Supernatural and Buffy – these are perfection in my mind of paranormal awesome. So I like to read books in the genre because of this. But not all books quite live up to my expectations. Like this one.

The premise was interesting, a girl who is destined to be a warrior against evil as the evil ones want to consecrate her to the Devil. Ok, good start. I’m intrigued. But the plot itself really didn’t show how this girl is to be a warrior. She spent most of the time almost getting killed, and then just sitting around. Not much actually happened as far as Jordan becoming something awesome as I was expecting her to do.

Let’s talk about the general cast of characters – Jordan’s mom is the main warrior, yet she also didn’t quite do much to protect her daughter. Who really protected this girl? Angels. YES! A book with angels. But, and this is spoilery, but the actual victory over evil dude part? An accident. Or, it sure sounded like one. Ooh let me run away and oops trip and die. Not quite the epic battle of bravery and warrior girl proving her worth, is it? And our new frienemy witch girl who appears to play for both good and evil? I was hoping for some character development on her end, but she pretty much was mean girl with witchy powers and isn’t redeemable.

Now, moving on to the audio portion of our discussion. I liked the audio. The narrator did a good job with the voices and the pacing and was pleasant to listen to. I did find myself zoning out and needing to back up a few times, but I think that might be more due to the plot not gripping me than the narration.

Overall, I don’t have much to say huh? General 3 stars, good effort, maybe a good start to a series that might end up awesome, who knows.

Anyone else read this?


Wickedly They Come (The Wickedly Series) (Volume 1)
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3 Responses to “Wickedly They Come Review”

  1. Livia

    Oops! I meant to complete my above thought on the audiobook sample by saying I agree the narrator sounds decent.

  2. Livia

    Nope. I’ve never heard of this author. I do like angel mythology, but finding good ones to entice me isn’t easy. And I agree that based on the Audible sample. Do you plan to give the next audiobook a try to see if the series gets better?

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