Chapter Break Bingo – April 2017

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Welcome to the easiest challenge you’ll find all year! Read books. Mark off squares. That’s all it takes to participate in Bookish Bingo! Play along with us!

Here are the rules:

Each month we will upload a new bingo card. You download the bingo card and mark off squares as you read books each month. At the end of the month, we will post our own bingo cards. Link up your post or post your own bingo card in the comments.

The monthly winner will be the person with the most marked squares. None of that across, diagonal, up and down, corners stuff. Just the number of squares. Be sure to include the books you’ve read for each of the squares. Only books read during the current month count. You may use the same book to fill multiple squares. We’ll announce the winner the following month to allow everyone time to link up their posts.

Download your Bookish Bingo card now and get started!


April Bookish Bingo

Click on the card to download (or right click here and save-as).

Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.

Some of the squares are a bit ambiguous. Here are some clarifications:

Easter Egg: Intentional inside joke. Though, I think could also be literal Easter eggs!

Library\Librarians: set in a library. Character is a librarian. You get the idea.

Fantasy\Science Fiction: Can be either fantasy OR science fiction. Bonus points if you read one of the mash-up style books with characteristics of both genres.

Fae\Faere\Fairy Tale: Can contain a character who is Fae OR be a Fairy Tale. Retellings are ok, too!

Here’s a recap for clarity (with specific dates for example):

April 4 – new bingo card available

May 2 – Julie and I will post our April completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post

May 3 – new bingo card available

June 2 – Julie and I will post our May completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post. We will also be posting the April winner of the most squares in this post.

And so on and so forth.

Questions? Comments? Let’s do this!

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10 Responses to “Chapter Break Bingo – April 2017”

  1. Livia

    I’m going to try and participate in April’s bingo card since it’s my birthday month.Plus, I’m on a mission to “audiobook read” novels by authors who will be at the YALLWest book festival in Santa Monica, CA at the end of April.

    Question: what category would HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer be in? It seems like it’s a slight Alice in Wonderland inspired YA fantasy-ish novel. Is the original considered a fairytale? Help me, please!=)

      • Livia

        I didn’t see your response until today, darn it! I finished listening to the audiobook during my lunch break on Friday. Narrator Rebecca Soler was fantastic at doing all the unique character voices. I honestly think I would have been angry at the ending if I had read my paperback copy. I went into this semi blind and forgot it was a prequel novel.

        • Julie

          Ooh a prequel to the actual story or will she be writing more in the series?

          • Livia

            I don’t follow her closely, but the synopsis states Heartless is a standalone in her new Alice in Wonderland series. I’m in as long as Rebecca continues to be the narrator for the audiobooks. =)

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