Battle of the Book Boyfriends – Dimitri vs Adrian

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Welcome to the showdown! Julie and I invite you to join us as we debate which book boyfriend is the best. This time around, we’ll be debating Dimitri from Vampire Academy vs. Adrian from Bloodlines. Both series are written by Richelle Mead, and often interact with each other. Now

And may the best book boyfriend win!

Let’s start with some introductions:

Dimitri Belikov: Dhampir. Strong. Silent. Protector. He’s the kind of man that would literally put himself in the way of danger to protect anyone, but especially Rose. He may start as her teacher. But in the end, their love is so much more.


We meet Adrian Ivashkov in Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2). He’s a major flirt and playboy. He takes a shine to Rose. The two flirt back and forth for the remainder of the Vampire Academy books. But eventually, Rose breaks Adrian’s heart. And then, Adrian meets Sydney in Bloodlines. It’s here that we really see Adrian grow as a character. Adrian really shines here. He’s hilarious. Loving. Protective. Oh, and also a Moroi Prince and vampire. All of the qualities we want in a book boyfriend.


Let’s get the conversation started with Vampire vs. Dhampir-  which would you rather date. 



 Vampire vs. Dhampir?


Yea, that’s one thing I love in this world, are the 3 different types of vampy creatures


I agree. you still have the bad vampires – Strigoi. But also not bad vampires. And the half vampires. which I think is a great idea. Gives us varying degrees to connect with.

And I like how the Dhampirs are the brave protectors of the Moroi from the bad type of vamp, but also helping keep them hidden from the human world

Like the ultimate hero role you have to be born into




And I like how the Bloodlines books expand more on where Dhampirs come from.


That brings us to: Dimitri and why he’s great

Which is why I’m such a Dimitri fan, he embraces this role with all his soul and still tries to keep his honor even when Rose distracts him from his mission

Though, I would be hard pressed to want to put myself on the line for people who generally treat you poorly.

Yes, I’m super glad there was a second series in this world. There was just too much world-building not to keep going.

Same here, I’m not that kind of hero for sure


Right? He does that. Dimitri always tries to stay focused.


To a fault ha


Even figures out when there’s a spell on him


I think you are right about Dimitri – he definitely is the whole hero package.


And Adrian – he’s great, too

As for the Moroi – Adrian (and really Christian) are the only ones I care anything about. They seem to me the least snotty. And it took Adrian a few books to grow on me. The whole party boy persona is not interesting to me.

Yes, I agree. Too party boy in the VA series. That’s why I’m glad we got to know him sooo much better in Bloodlines. But yes, so many Moroi are just snobbish and expect to be treated like royalty whether they deserve it or not

I’m really glad we got to know Adrian as well!


I’ve never really been into the whole vampire situation, outside of the Cullens. But Adrian is pretty great. He really does show some growth.

And I really liked Jill, too


And of course, Lissa


Yes – Jill I can get behind. She’s just a typical teenage girl.


and we understand her so much more after seeing what Rose went through being shadow-kissed


Which brings back to why Adrian is awesome, he isn’t just a party boy but helps others


right? That’s one of the great things about Adrian. He really has shown that he can put someone else before himself.


Until he gets too spirit sick at least


Yes – true. And he does overdo it a lot.


Which segues nicely into their faults.


We know that Adrian is a bit on the mentally unhinged side. What with the whole Aunt Tatiana voice in his head.


Do we think Dimitri has faults?


Definitely overprotective and broody


lol. I don’t mind the broody.


Though – he doesn’t really open up much. Like you’d think at least Rose would know some of his secrets. But I don’t think she does.

And sometimes he acts undeserving. I think Adrian does too at times.


yes – that’s true of both of them…


Yes, too many secrets and he seems more open as Strigoi


Right? He did seem more open as a Strigoi. And a bit less reserved. Minus the whole wanting to turn Rose.


I mean, he still wanted her part of his life and all.. so… even as Strigoi he loved her


Agreed. And that’s what really impressed me about him.


But for some reason its hard to find a good Dimitri romantic quote. Adrian is full of them. Speaks in such poetry.


yeah. Dimitri is not exactly loquacious.


but the silent type isn’t all that bad.


And Adrian really does have some great romantic quotes


Yea I’m glad I fell for Dimka first because Adrian definitely tried to steal me away


lol. I think you might be right there! Adrian is definitely a charmer. And very swoony.


And is unapologetic about the way he lives his life


so you kinda respect him for being true


true. And yes – I do respect that. I like that he doesn’t really care what other people think.


And really brings Sydney out of herself. Where Rose is already who she is before Dimitri gets involved heh


That’s a great observation. When we first meet Sydney, she barely tolerates Rose, let alone Moroi. And then Adrian comes along and literally charms his way into her heart.

I think that’s why they are so well-matched. Rose and Dimitri are both headstrong and sure of themselves. Sydney and Adrian are opposites who save each other.

That’s another great observation. And the couples lift each other up. Making the individuals must stronger

I wonder if reading Bloodlines before reading Vampire Academy, makes a preference toward Adrian? To me, they are well tied.

I do wonder that as well. My preference is Dimitri for sure. But is that only because I met him first?


Dimitri was my first book boyfriend, so he always wins too heh


Yeah – I’m with you. Dimitri pretty much wins the battle!


Ok – I feel like we’ve covered all the topics? Any other thoughts


Glad we agree on the winner!


I haven’t read any other Richelle Mead series, but since I loved these so much she’s definitely on my keep reading more list

I wasn’t impressed with Glittering Court. It wasn’t bad. Just not all that exciting.


Well, maybe they can’t all be gems. I think she should write yet another series in this world!


I was thinking that earlier today – like what’s happened with Jill and Eddie? (SERIOUSLY – don’t tell me if it’s at the end of this last book!)

I think Bloodlines happens after VA series ends in timeline


so there, another set of characters she can totally write about


Yes – but what happens after Bloodlines ends. That’s what I want to know.


Me too


We need to start a petition or something!


So there we have it, everyone. Dimitri wins! It was a tough fight. But in the end, it’s the first book boyfriend that we both fell for.


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