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August 17, 2017 Chat About Covers, Featured Posts 2



We’re starting a new feature here on Chapter Break called Chat About Covers. ‘Cause you know we all judge books by covers, whether we admit it or not. We judge the style, the color and font choices, and just the overall look. That might not keep us from reading the book, but we do still judge.


Julie Review Avatar

Oh sheesh. What is going on here? We’ve got an overlay of a girl walking on water?  Some weird building thingy. Things that look like clockwork.  A planet? Ayaiyai!

Ok, I do like the font. It like the gold, and the curvy font. And, that’s where my liking stops. It doesn’t go with the blendy cover, like at all, with all it’s standyoutness.

And the blendy everything together is just too much. Smash it all together! Smash! Weird curvy whatnot and floating lady? I guess the clockwork and twisty building is an attempt to make sense of a time travel adventure but it just does not work.

Someone please explain the planet? This isn’t a space adventure, it’s time travel. Eek!

Ok, moving on, next book please?


Lynnpic avatar
My eyes go all squinty just looking at this. Hard pass for me! It’s just so busy. It should definitely follow that whole take off one accessory rule. With at least 50% of the items on the cover.

Why is there water at the bottom? Purely for the reflection factor? Or does the lady have walking on water abilities?

I agree with Julie on the gold, curvy, letters. Though, I’d probably go with a different font. Is that “L” or “S”. Clearly “S”. But still, as someone who’s name starts with “L”, I see that letter first.


What are your thoughts on this cover?

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