Chat Between Chapters: Why I decide to read a particular book

September 17, 2017 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 4


  How do you decide whether to read a particular book? What makes that book your pick?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

There is so much that goes into selecting which book to read next. So many factors, decision-making points, or outside “pressure” to read something specific.

When something decides for me:

  • A book club book (if I ever start going to those again)
  • Book I agreed to read and review
  • Next new release in a series I have been devouring
  • A friend is saying I must read this next now or else

When I have to decide:

  • Cover/blurb of a new to me book can make me want to read it.
  • Is it an author I love? Genre I’m addicted to?
  • Mood. What am I sick of? Or more interested in (if deciding between books)?
  • What is already downloaded on my device and showing up next? Sometimes it’s that simple.


How about you?



I agree with everything Julie says! Especially about books I’m obligated to read for book club or review.

I go through phases with my pleasure reading. I’m usually listening to a book from one genre while reading another from a different genre. I generally try not to read two books in a row from the same genre, and specially not at the same time. I’ve made that mistake a few too many times! I’ve been burned out lately on both YA and romance. Because of this, I’ve been specifically searching out books that do not fit either of those categories.

I select books to read based on Bookish Bingo each month. I need to mark off those squares each month!

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4 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Why I decide to read a particular book”

  1. Livia Nowlin

    Lynn, I’m with you on most of yours. I also love to do buddy reads or and group read-alongs because discussion of the plot and readers’ reactions happening more immediately. Additionally, right now for me what I read next is also largely based on what format is the recommended or eye-catching novel available in when I discovered I want to read it and is it part of a long ass series.

    Also, I went to a lot of book events between January 2015 and July 2017, so I have a crap ton of authors whose books I want to read sooner than later. That positive interaction with them at a book event either in person, in a Facebook takeover or online via their newsletter really influences how soon I will try to rotate their novel to the top of my WTR now, next or soon spot.

    Ifa book isn’t available yet in AUDIOBOOK format, I’m quite honestly lying to myself when I one-click it hoping I’ll read it sometime soon. Really short novellas, I can do okay with in e-book format, but not full length e-book novels. My reading pace has skyrocketed up to 6-8 weeks to complete an e-book read no matter how much I’m into the story.

  2. Ashley

    Sometimes I feel like I have to read a popular new release simply because of my blog. I sometimes really feel the pressure to read a new release over picking an older book.

    I am a huge mood reader so my picks rely on what I’m feeling alot.
    I’m also one to pick a book by it’s cover, I know I know lol.
    If I am broke and that’s 99% of the time, I will pick something I already have.
    I love this discussion post it was fun!
    Ashley @ Books To The Tea
    Ashley recently posted…Weekly Recap

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