Gift Inspiration for Your Fellow Bookworms

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We have a fun contributed post today about bookish gifts. You know we love this topic.

Christmas is coming and that means presents and if your friends are just as avid readers as you, you’ll want to get them something special. But, what would they love aside from a new novel or a gift card to their favorite bookstore? Well, here are some great ideas and inspiration so you can start writing your list to Santa – I mean, writing a list of things to buy your friends. But, you could always send Santa the list too!


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Who doesn’t love candles? Well, you’re in luck because there are some awesome candle creations out there for us book-lovers. Frostbeard are big fans of books and they make candles too! Frostbeard book candles are the perfect companion for those cozy reading sessions. Just be careful to keep those flammable books away from the flames!


No cozy reading session is complete without the perfect cozy blanket. You have a lot of options, from cute printed fleece blankets to beautifully woven masterpieces. If it’s comfy it will be great, but also consider what kind of style they have in their home, or even just their favorite color. Comfort and style combined create a winning blanket.

Hot Chocolate Mix

What is better than reading your favorite book? Reading your favorite book with a delicious cup of hot cocoa by your side, ready to sip and slip into total relaxation. For the best gift, you should also consider the DIY option. Try finding an awesome mug your friend will love and compiling the ingredients for their perfect drink. Are they a fan of marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles? Make sure to include those too!


Reading is great, but if your friend is into gadgets then perhaps you should check out some cool inventions that will make their reading time more enjoyable, maybe a book light or reading lamp.

Art Prints and Merchandise

If your friend is particularly invested in a specific set of books or has a favorite, then they will appreciate some artwork to decorate their room or a well-designed t-shirt to let everyone know what they love. Some book-related merchandise may be harder to find than others, depending on who or what their favorites include. But, even if you can’t find something specific to their author or book series, art, and clothing that lets everyone know their appreciation of reading is a sure win.


If you’re the creative type of person, you may want to check out some DIY options. There are plenty of great ones that would work well for book-lovers, such as a personalized bookmark.

Handmade is a definite way to show your appreciation for your awesome friend.

A Special Edition of Their Favorite Book

Okay, so this may be a gift idea for book lovers that is just a book. However, sometimes certain novels have special editions, and if they have a really strong favorite book, it’s worth checking out. You may find there are special editions that they would love to have on their bookshelf. Maybe if you are lucky, you could even get your hands on a signed copy with a note from their favorite author. If you can go the whole mile, try finding out if their favorite authors are doing any local book signings and make sure you get your friend there!

There are plenty of unique gifts out there, you will be sure to find something special. Your bookworm friend will appreciate something to make their reading time even more fun.

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