Chat Between Chapters: Favorite Book Blogs I Read

October 15, 2017 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 2



So we know you love Chapter Break and that’s why you’re here. What are some other favorite book blogs that you read?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I used to read a lot of book blogs. Now I hardly read any 🙁 But the ones I do still read tend to be bookish blogger friends:

Then I also read the newsy things like Book Bub Blog and other things that come across my email that have articles that are fun to share.



Ditto on all of the above. I’m so behind on all my blog reading. I keep thinking I’ll eventually have some time to catch up! In addition to the blogs Julie listed, here are some others that I like to read:


How about you? Any blogs your want to share that we should be checking out?



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2 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Favorite Book Blogs I Read”

  1. Rosa

    I was looking for a list of great book blogs and I found your post. I also read Paper Fury, Second Run Reviews and Feed Your Fiction Addiction. I’ll be checking out the others. Thanks for sharing!

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