Chat Between Chapters: Favorite Gifts to Characters in Books

December 3, 2017 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 2


  Let’s chat about the gifts our book characters have given to another

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

It is pretty awesome when characters give each other gifts, and doesn’t it make you wish you could have that gift too?

Here are a couple of awesome gifts in the Harry Potter world.

The Invisibility Cloak. Want! The best gift ever, right? Makes you realize Harry will be something special if Dumbledore himself gives him the most unique gift ever.

What about the Firebolt? Thanks Uncle Sirius for the best flying broom.

Want a full list? I found this post that lists the good and silly/evil gifts in Harry Potter.



Everyone always says giving money is gouache. But forget those people! If someone wanted to give me money, I’d be cool with it. In Turtles All the Way Down, Davis gives Aza $100,000 to make sure she’s his friend because of who he is, not because of his money. That money doesn’t change their relationship at all. Ok sure, it changes Aza and her BFF Daisy’s relationship. But everything works out for them in the end!

I always remember the dragonfly in amber that Hugh Munro gives Claire in the Outlander books. This gift sparked my own obsession with finding cool pieces of amber jewelry. I haven’t found anything nearly asexcitingl as a dragonfly, but I keep looking.


What about any great gifts from books that you want to share?

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  1. Tarissa

    Well, if someone wanted to give me $100,000 to make sure I’m their friend — I’d take it! We’d even become best friends. For life. 🙂

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