Outlander Season 3 TV Show Review

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Description: Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world in which her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

Creator: Ronald D. Moore

Staring: Caitriona BalfeSam Heughan,

Info from: IMDb

I know what you are thinking. The latest season of Outlander ended ages ago. Why has it taken so long for me to post this review? Well, I’m behind on ALL my television watching. (I still haven’t even watched the latest season of Poldark!) So, here’s the spoiler warning and let’s get started!


Here are some things I REALLY LOVED:

Changes from the book’s plot: I’m totally in favor of the changes from the book in this season. First and foremost, Murtagh lives! And hopefully shows up again in America! I really enjoyed the set up for the beginning of the season, with the episodes explaining what happened to Jamie (from his point of view) and Claire over the 20 years they are separated. Yes, we get Jamie’s story later on in the books, but as he’s telling Clarie, not as he’s living it. This perspective is evident especially in the the Culloden and post-Culloden episodes. It is so much more visceral to be there with Jamie than to hear the stories after the fact. Great decisions by the show-runners.

Lord John & Roger Mac: The introduction of these new characters really enhanced the series. Lord John never really did anything for me in the books, especially after the latest. But on the TV show, his character is much more interesting and appealing. And Roger, oh my sweet Roger. He is definitely a favorite character of mine, both in the books and the show. More Roger episodes is my request for future seasons! Great jobs by both David Berry and Richard Rankin.


Here are some things I really DIDN’T LOVE:

The hair on most of the actors, that’s for sure: From Claire’s bouffont to Young Ian’s scraggly mess, the hair styles this season did not work for me. Clearly, this is why wigs were worn in historical times. Here’s hoping Ian’s mohawk is a much better look.



The whole middle/journey across the ocean: Major snooze. In this case, it’s the destination, not the journey that’s important. Especially when Claire is wandering through the jungle. I should have fast-forwarded through those episodes.

My favorite episode: 

Freedon & Whiskey \ A. Malcom: These two episodes are linked by the reunion of Claire and Jamie. And together are perfect. In Freedom & Whiskey, we have Clarie deciding that she’s ready to live her life again. And in A. Malcom, we have Jamie in the print shop wearing adorable reading glasses. But mostly, we have the perfect scene of Clarie walking into the print shop and Jamie fainting. That scene went exactly like I imagined it from the book. Flawless.

My thoughts overall:

Good, not great season. There were some great scenes, especially in the earlier episodes of the season. The middle dragged. The ending is pretty superb.


I’m ready for season 4 now! Drums of Autumn has some great scenes that I’m looking forward to!

Did you watch Outlander this season? What did you think?



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2 Responses to “Outlander Season 3 TV Show Review”

  1. Terri M.

    I enjoyed season 3 especially when Claire and Jamie reunited. That scene was perfection!

    I completely forgot all about the crazy priest in the woods! And could they make Gellis any creepier? Bathing in blood?! *shivers*

    I’m excited for season 4. I’m not a huge fan of the books after book 3 so I’m interested where the show goes with those books.
    Terri M. recently posted…Discover a New Book: Invictus by Ryan Graudin

    • Lynn

      You are totally right about Gellis and the crazy priest in the woods, Terri!
      And I’m with you on the books after 3. They do meander a bit. I’m here for more Roger! And Ian with the Mohawks. I’m hoping we’ll actually get those scenes!

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