Audiobook Narrator Interview Questions

Some potential interview questions for an audiobook narrator. We love featuring guest posts and since we are fans of the audiobook, we would love to learn a narrator’s perspective. Feel free to pick any 5 (or more) that you like.

  • How many books have you narrated and do they have a common thread or theme?
  • What do you love most about narrating audiobooks?
  • Do you prefer to read in print or listen to stories in audio?
  • How do you select a book to narrate? Do you prefer a specific genre or types of characters?
  • Do you read a book several times before you record the audio? Or *gasp* do you just about memorize it?
  • How do you decide on the specific voice and tone to do for each character?
  • Do you have a ritual or routine you do before sitting down to record the audio (such as anything to strengthen your vocal cords)?
  • Name an audio book you just loved to listen to. What about that narration makes it special?
  • What qualities make a great narrator? Share some tips for aspiring voice actors.
  • Is there a scene you just loved to narrate? Is there a scene that was especially difficult to narrate?
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