That’s what HE said Thursday- August 22, 2013

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Every Thursday we are hosting a brand new meme called: That’s what HE said Thursday. For more info on what this meme is all about click here.

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Rose review avatar  Rose’s Quote:

“Are you allowed to get pregnant yet?”
I laugh. “Nope. Not this weekend. Besides, you have to kiss a girl before you can knock her up.”
“Did someone not have sex education when she was homeschooled?” he says. “Because I could totally knock you up without ever kissing you. Want me to show you?”

Holder to Sky

(Hopeless by: Colleen Hoover)

I laughed out loud when I read this. In fact, no matter how many times I reread this book (or relisten) I cannot stop laughing at this. I love Holder.

Julie Review Avatar  Julie’s Quote:

“Thank you, Alessa, for being here. I… I don’t know what I would have done. I promise I’ll be stronger, for you, from now on.”

-Isaac to Alessa

(Stitch by: Samantha Durante)

This is one of the dream or flashback scenes in the book, the first time we finally see interaction between Alessa and Isaac.


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