Chat Between Chapters: What Plot Lines Are You Tired of Reading?

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 Growing tired of reading the same exact story, but with different character names? What plot lines are you tired of reading?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

There are a lot of tropes that get repeated these days, but in some cases it seems too much. Here are a few I’m growing tired of. 

  • The shy/misunderstood hero/heroine who comes to find out he/she is really something extraordinary and fantastical. This hero/heroine then goes on for so many chapters to deny what he/she just found out, until finally accepting it. Seriously, it is in every fantasy these days. Can we just start off with the character already knowing what kick-ass critter they already are and go from there? Pretty please?
  • The borderline stalkerish/overly obsessed/scary in real life dude that the girl falls for. Come on. In real life that = rape, not sweet romance.
  • The small band of characters in some fantastical or dystopic world are our only hope for saving ourselves from whatever. So they go on some epic quest (journey) where nothing happens but random crap along the way that derails them but they really don’t get anywhere and oh we have to follow them through multiple books until they find the one thing that will save us all. 

I’m sure there’s more, but we’ll be here all day. Share some you are growing tired of.

Rose review avatar Rose:

Since I read alot of NA comtemporary romance, I sometimes feel like I end up reading the same things over and over again. Sure the names change (from Colton to Zane or from Syndey to Carter… you get my drift…these crazy NA names) but basically the plotline does NOT change. And therein lies the problem. I want new, original, thought-out story lines that keep me guessing. Some of the oft repeated plotlines that I have grown weary of reading:

  •  Hateful, abusive step-parent makes protagonist’s life a living hell and therefore, protagonist strikes out on her own only to end up living on the couch of a super sexy man-slut.
  • The book boyfriend is a rockstar. What else?
  • Girl is super pretty but totally unaware and the guy is such a bad ass that he has sensitive emo lyrics tattooed all over his forearms.
  • Love at first sight/Insta-love (aka insta-lust)
  • College student protagonst never has to work ever ever ever. WTF! Did I do college wrong!?
  • Overly damaged characters learn to live and love again. Really, this is good. But it is getting a little old people.
  • The main character is so innocent and good and there is always a bitchy, slutty-dressed girl after our heroine’s man. Slut shaming is so over used and frankly, a bit boring.

What are some plotlines you are growing tired of reading over and over again???

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15 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: What Plot Lines Are You Tired of Reading?”

  1. Leila

    I just finished a book where the heroine was actually physically unattractive. Seriously. Not that she didn’t know she was pretty. She knew she wasn’t. But she was smart and caring and talented, so she got the man anyway. I loved that twist on the doesn’t know she’s pretty thing.
    Leila recently posted…How I Read – BookBlogWriMo Day 2

  2. Tina at Mommynificent

    I can’t stand books where the only thing that drives the plot is poor communication. I want there to be real issues that the characters talk about and work through together. If every problem in a book could be solved by one good conversation, I’ll pass! Thanks for sharing it with us at Booknificent Thursday!
    Tina at Mommynificent recently posted…Support Jourden Cleghorn! Book Blast and Giveaway

  3. Sugar & Snark

    Hahahahahah this.

    ‘Girl is super pretty but totally unaware and the guy is such a bad ass that he has sensitive emo lyrics tattooed all over his forearms.’

    • Julie

      The lack of originality is said, you’re definitely right. People have found what formula sells, and they are repeating it over and over again.

  4. April @ The Steadfast Reader

    Can I just be tired of most of these? Also, Rose can I just be tired of ridiculous NA names? Just once can he be ‘Tom’? 🙂 Slut-shaming was so thirty years ago.

    Second. I totally eff’ed up my Twitter and somehow unfollowed everyone I liked, including y’all. I’ve rectified that. 🙂
    April @ The Steadfast Reader recently posted…Spread the Love 2.0: Week Twenty

    • Rose

      Twitter sucks lately for me. My profile is being impersonated and it is such a hassle to get it fixed. I have to prove that I am Rose and NOT the other person and blah blah blah…. glad you found us again. As for NA names, I think we should start a list of the most bizarre or ridiculous NA names out there… let’s see, the first one that comes to mind is Belly… whatchyou got???

  5. Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    I. Am. So. Sick. Of the MC who refuses to accept their super special snowflakeness. ESPECIALLY when they’ve 1. known about it their whole life, but try to ignore it, or 2. have no problem believing in other supernatural creatures, they just can’t accept it about themselves. GAH. That is what I’m most sick of. I’m so sick of it that even typing that out has me in full-blown rant mode. Excellent question though. I’m definitely provokes 😉
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Review: Chasers of the Wind by Alexey Pehov

    • Julie

      YES! That can’t be enjoyable to write. It sure isn’t enjoyable to read. Why do authors (and publishers) think that is an ok plot device?

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