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March 17, 2015 Discussion Guides, General 2

Rose review avatar I run a book club. From time to time, I find it almost impossible to find good study guides/discussion questions for the books we are reading. So I thought I would share the study guides that I created myself and offer them for your use with your own book club. I do not mind if you use these, but would greatly appreciate feedback if you found them useful. 

Discussion Questions for Easy by: Tammara Webber

  1. Names is an important theme throughout this book. Take note of the following passages:
  • Jacqueline reclaims her old name instead of Jackie (p. 19)
  • Lucas meeting Jacqueline outside the frat house (p. 10)
  • Erin meeting Jacqueline the first time in the dorm room (p. 35)
  • The first few emails exchanged with her econ tutor, Landon (p. 28)
  • Buck saying her name (p. 63)
  • Lucas/Landon
  • Various labels including such as tutor vs. bad boy rebound guy
  • Kennedy’s GDI girlfriend vs. Erin’s non-Greek roommate.

Why do you think names seem so important throughout this book? What sort of impact do names have on the characters? Thoughts?


  1. Once Dr. Heller discovers Jacqueline and Lucas leaving his apartment together, Lucas ends things with Jacqueline. (p. 178) How do you think Lucas should have reacted? As a reader, how did you feel at this part of the book?  What if Lucas had suggested to Jacqueline that they continue to see each other, but they had to keep it a secret, at least until the end of the semester?  What if Lucas had told Jacqueline how that they had to stop seeing each other until the next semester, but after that he wanted to see her again?  What did Lucas actually do?  What does this tell us about his character?



  1. Lucas felt that Jacqueline invaded his privacy by looking into his history. In your opinion, was Jacqueline wrong for googling Lucas and his mother’s death?  What about going to Dr. Heller for more information?  What should Jacqueline have done?  Do you think it was right for Jacqueline to tell Lucas that she looked up his mother’s death and talked to Dr. Heller or should she have kept that to herself?


  1. How do you think the title, Easy, relates to the book?


  1. Did you discover that Lucas and Landon were the same guy before Benji told Jacqueline? How?  What clues did you pick up on?  Why do you think Jacqueline did not confront Lucas about his deception?


  1. Why did Lucas beg Jacqueline to ask him to stop that night? If he didn’t want to go further, why didn’t he just ask to stop, instead of begging her to ask him? (p. 213)


  1. Compare the sorority’s to the fraternity’s reaction to Buck raping Mindi. What accounts for the difference?  How would you have reacted if you had been in the sorority? Fraternity? Independent?  Does it make a difference?


  1. Who was your favorite character in the book? Why?


  1. Did Jacqueline’s self-defense against Buck during his last attack have an impact on Buck (intellectually)? What about on Lucas? On herself? If so, how?

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