Chapter Break Bingo – January 2016 Completed Cards

January 30, 2016 Bookish Bingo 20



Alright everyone, did you fill out your Bookish Bingo Cards? Share your cards, and link up your posts below!

For a recap, here are the rules:

Each month we will upload a new bingo card. You download the bingo card and mark off squares as you read books each month. At the end of the month, we will post our own bingo cards. Link up your post or post your own bingo card in the comments.

The monthly winner will be the person with the most marked squares. None of that across, diagonal, up and down, corners stuff. Just the number of squares. Be sure to include the books you’ve read for each of the squares. Only books read during the current month count. You may use the same book to fill multiple squares. We’ll announce the winner the following month to allow everyone time to link up their posts.

And to encourage more people than Julie and I to participate, we are going to have a quarterly raffle!

January Bookish Bingo

Chapter-Break_bookish-bingo-JanuaryClick on the card to download (or click here).

Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.

Julie Review Avatar Julie:


Well, not bad at all, huh? 14 squares covered up. Let’s list out the books that I used.

  1. Dead Body: Menagerie
  2. Set on a School Campus: Chameleon
  3. Non-Fiction: a whole bunch of blogging and parenting ebooks. Mostly written by other bloggers.
  4. Werewolf: Menagerie
  5. Set in a City: New Agenda
  6. Artist/Poet/Writer: The Kind Worth Killing
  7. Fae/Fairy: Menagerie
  8. Plane Ride: The Kind Worth Killing
  9. Free Space! YEAH!
  10. Angel: The Short Life of Sparrows
  11. Cop/Fireman: The Kind Worth Killing
  12. Demon: The Short Life of Sparrows
  13. Popular Tourist Location: Menagerie
  14. Fairy Tale Retelling: Fairest



How did everyone do this month on their bingo cards? Somehow, given that I actually MADE the bingo cards, I thought I would have done a little better!  Below is my completed card:


And here are the books from my list:

Shadow Kissed:
Plane Ride
Friends to Lovers
School Campus

Tricky 22
Dead Body
Car Chase

5th Wave

And the free space makes 10!

How did everyone else do? Link up your posts or comment with your cards!


Alright, link up your completed Bingo cards here:

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20 Responses to “Chapter Break Bingo – January 2016 Completed Cards”

  1. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I lost track there at the end, but I’m proud of myself. I wasn’t stressing about it like I have over challenges in the past. I think this is the year of the “Oh Wells”. 🙂 Hopefully I do better for February!

    • Julie

      I like the year of “oh wells”, sometimes you just need to “oh well” 🙂 I didn’t really plan my reading around the card, just figured out which squares I could satisfy with what I read.

    • Julie

      That is fun, I agree. I might even plan my reading list better now based on the bingo card options.

  2. Lynn

    Two readers for City of Bones this month! That’s great. Julie and I are both watching the new Shadowhunters show on Freeform!

    • Rose Milligan

      That’s actually the reason I decided to reread City of Bones. I’m enjoying the show. It’s different, but it works.

    • Julie

      You can still join in if you want – think about if any of the books you read in January would fit any of the squares, and mark it up 🙂

  3. Rose Milligan

    I’m sorry. I can’t seem to figure out how to get my Bingo Card in the comments.

    My Books Read in January:
    The Cure for Dreaming – Cat Winters
    Persuasion – Martina Boone
    The Way Home – Cindy Gerard
    City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

    My Bingo Card:
    1 Vampire – City of Bones
    2 Dead Body – Persuasion
    3 Hunter (Demon/Vampire) – City of Bones
    4 Werewolf – City of Bones
    5 Set in a City – The Cure for Dreaming
    6 Artist/Poet/Writer – The Cure for Dreaming
    7 Fae/Fairy – City of Bones
    8 Plane Ride – The Way Home
    9 Free Space – Yay!
    10 Jock – Persuasion
    11 Historical – The Cure for Dreaming
    12 Angel – Persuasion
    13 Cop/Fireman – Persuasion
    14 Demon – City of Bones
    15 Friends to Lovers – The Way Home
    16 Popular Tourist Location – Persuasion
    17 Playboy – City of Bones

    I got a total of 17 squares!!!!

    • Julie

      17 great job! This text version works fine, or you can upload the image to your blog or a free server and share the link. Whatever works for you 🙂

        • Julie

          Not a problem 🙂 The way you did it is fine, or if you want to show off a marked up card you can upload to something like photobucket and share the link to the image.

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