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February 28, 2016 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 6


 Do you read poetry? What are some of your favorite poems, or who are some of your favorite poets? And if you don’t read poetry, why not?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I honestly don’t read poetry as a genre. I had to read some in those lovely English classes when I was in school, and they just weren’t my cuppa. Now, I do enjoy when a book includes poetry as part of the plot somehow. Slammed, specifically, does an amazing job with poetry as a driving element of getting the characters together. That makes poetry enjoyable, without only being a poem. I’m just a novel girl.



I agree with Julie on this completely. I don’t really read poetry. But Slammed was great! I will say I’m good with someone reading poetry TO ME. I downloaded a book of love poems read by Richard Armitage. This is a completely acceptable way to “read” poetry! 

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