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March 27, 2016 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 9


 Let’s go on an Easter Egg hunt! Do you know any little secrets and goodies that authors have placed in their books?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

So I’ve heard that a lot of books have Easter Eggs in them, and it is kind of curious to find them out. I know of one book that specifically used Easter Eggs as a plot device, and that is Ready Player One.  In that book, most of the competition is based on Easter Eggs. I also like when spin-offs happen in parallel and the characters from the novels interact. Like in the Night Huntress and Night Prince come into each other’s story lines. And of course, the famous Buffy/Angel phone call and other scenes. Do those count as Easter Eggs?

I did some searching and found some others that are interesting. But since I am just learning about them myself, I’ll let you read the websites for the details.



I’ve been trying to think of something clever for this week’s CBC post, but not really succeeding. I clearly do not pay attention enough to find Easter Eggs while I’m reading. Or there aren’t that many eggs in the books I’ve been reading. I’ve only managed to think of Ernest Cline’s books. Both Ready Player One and Armada are full of Easter Eggs. Heck, the premise for Ready Player One is to FIND Easter Eggs. And Sea of Tranquility. In Sea of Tranquility, Nastya is reading a book by another YA author. But I won’t spoil WHICH book, if you haven’t read Sea of Tranquility yet!

How about everyone else? Do you notice Easter Eggs? Or pass right over them while reading? 

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9 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Ramona

    I don’t pay attention to Easter Eggs myself, though I learned plenty about them from my son and his video games :)) I think they’re a neat device to engage the audience, but as with all things, they don’t appeal to everybody.

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