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April 13, 2016 Chat About Covers 2



We’re starting a new feature here on Chapter Break called Chat About Covers. ‘Cause you know we all judge books by covers, whether we admit it or not. We judge the style, the color and font choices, and just the overall look. That might not keep us from reading the book, but we do still judge.


Soul by Claire Farrell


Julie Review Avatar

Today is my birthday. YAY! So… let’s change it up a bit and instead of talking about how much a cover doesn’t work, I’m gonna pick a cover I actually really like.

I haven’t read this book yet, but the cover keeps grabbing my attention. I don’t even remember what the book is about, but I want to read it. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

Here is some of what I love about this cover:

  • The ethereal feel. The magical essence of fantasticalness that this cover conveys.
  • The colors. The sparkly lovely autumn colors.
  • The leaves floating on the sides. Tree background.
  • The dress. The beautiful dress being lifted up by the breeze.
  • The font selection for SOUL. It is so bold and thorny, going with the nature theme.
  • The glowing butterfly.

This is a book I would pick up just by the cover alone. This is a cover I am drawn to. Stay tuned for this coming Chat Between Chapters, where we talk about just that.

Lynnpic avatar
Happy Birthday, Julie! I’m in favor of this cover, as well!

I like everything that Julie mentions. And as a reader of fantasy, I’m immediately drawn into this cover.

  • The float-y feel of it. The way the dress seems to move in the wind.
  • I love the colors. Autumn is my favorite season (one that I do miss in Houston). The golds and browns are very calming to me.
  • The heart-shaped leaves. I know that is a “natural” shape for leaves. But still, that’s the best leaf shape that could have been chosen.
  • The butterfly adds a splash of color.
  • The twinkle light appearance. Like someone added a bunch of twinkle lights to the forest!

I have no idea what this book is about. But I am interested enough to find out!

What are your thoughts on this cover?

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2 Responses to “Chat About Covers: Soul”

  1. Kimber Leigh Wheaton

    Happy Birthday! When I scrolled down to see the cover in my email, I hadn’t read anything either of you had written yet. I like to form my own opinions first. I thought, “Oh, boy. I like that cover. Please don’t let mine be the next ones to appear on the blog!” Well, it’s a relief that you both liked it because I do too. I love the font and the cover looks great in a thumbnail size. Very ethereal feel to it. I’m a cover gal, and I’d read the blurb if this cover passed through my inbox.
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