#ShelfLove: Bookish Items we’re Thankful for

November 1, 2016 Featured Posts, Shelf Love 2016 2

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#ShelfLove Challenge 2016

We’re co-hosting the #ShelfLove challenge again this year so join us and read more of the books you already bought!

November’s topic: Name one bookish item that you are thankful for. This could be your favorite book or gift or author. You decide. Share pictures if you can.


Julie Review Avatar Julie’s Challenge Update:

I’m thankful for books in general for existing and being awesome. But one thing that I’m thankful for the most? Audiobooks. With my super busy life, audiobooks on my commute are the only time I can read. And they save my sanity in traffic. So I am super thankful for them existing.

As for the challenge? Hey, I did read one of my shelf love books this past month. I’m still painfully behind on my goal. It clearly wasn’t a realistic one.



Lynnpic Lynn’s Challenge Update:

I agree with Julie on books in general, and audiobooks specifically. There is no way I’d get through all the books I want to read without audiobooks. I’m going to give my thanks this month to the book reading community. Bloggers. Book Clubers. Readers in general. Without book club, I wouldn’t know Julie, and my other Houston friends. I also appreciate how belonging to a book club exposes me to books I would never pick up on my own. As for bloggers, it’s great being part of this community. Reading reviews. Reading author interviews. Just connecting. All from the comfort of my couch!


As for my book challenge, I’m not doing all that well. I have 2 months left to read at least 6 books, which puts me at the minimum of my challenge. Somehow, I need to put more effort into reading books I own!




How about you? How are you doing on your challenge? Or what are you thankful for?

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    • Julie

      Haha my autopilot remembers where my exits are but yea focusing on the book more than the driving could be a problem.

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