Chat Between Chapters: Independent Bookstore Day

April 30, 2017 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 2


  Let’s chat about our favorite Indie Bookstores for Independent Bookstore Day!

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

I think my favorite indie bookstore would have to be Powell’s in Portland, Oregon. The store covers an entire city block! It is uh-mazing! Rose (our former co-blogger) and I visited it on a fun vacation trip!

Our awesome metro of Houston has a ton of great indie bookstores.  Murder by the Book is an excellent one and always has some fun author event or another going on. I’ve met so many wonderful authors that way.

I’ll stop here and let Lynn mention some of the other winning indie bookstores in this area 🙂



For me, it has to be Blue Willow Bookshop. First off, it’s very close to where I live! Secondly, they sponsor Teen Book Con. Third, and probably most importantly, the staff is super friendly and helpful. Every time. I don’t buy a lot of physical books anymore. But when I do, it’s usually at Blue Willow. And if the never-ending construction would finally make some progress, I’d probably be there a lot more frequently!

How about you? Do you have a favorite independent book store?

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  1. Anitya@Hookedtobooks

    When I was living in Taiwan I visited this old book store almost every week. It was close to my place, had vintage design, lots of English books, awesome coffee, and I just loved the atmosphere. Really miss it

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