Chapter Break Bingo – April 2017 Completed Cards

May 2, 2017 Bookish Bingo, Challenges 17


Alright everyone, did you fill out your Bookish Bingo Cards? Share your cards, and link up your posts below!

Recap of the rules:

Each month we will upload a new bingo card. You download the bingo card and mark off squares as you read books each month. At the end of the month, we will post our own bingo cards. Link up your post or post your own bingo card in the comments.

The monthly winner will be the person with the most marked squares. None of that across, diagonal, up and down, corners stuff. Just the number of squares. Be sure to include the books you’ve read for each of the squares. Only books read during the current month count. You may use the same book to fill multiple squares. We’ll announce the winner the following month to allow everyone time to link up their posts.


April Bookish Bingo



Click on the card to download.

Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

19, not too shabby from 3 books!


Books Read:


Dead Reckoning:  Shelf Love Book, Spring Cleaning, Phone Call, Stormy Weather, Fae, Antiques, Orphan,  Embarrasment, Audiobook, In a series, Mystery, Easter egg,

Armada: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, One Word Title, Conspiracy,

Glitch: Free book, Dreams, New Release




I have 20 squares this month, including the free space. Some of them were really difficult!

I read this month:

Curious Minds: Antiques, Library book

Denton Little’s Death Date: Made you laugh, Shelflove Book, Phone\Phone Call, Audio book

Deep Extraction: Free Book, Mystery

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Embarrassment, In a series

Strange the Dreamer: Fantasy\Science Fiction, Tattoo\Piercing, Library\Librarian, Stormy weather, Fae\Fairy\Fairy Tale, Lost city, Orphan, Dreams, New release





And now for the announcement everyone has been waiting for:

The winner of most squares for March:

Rose Milligan with 20 squares. Great job Rose!

And shout out to everyone who’s still playing along. Keep it up!


How did everyone else do? Link up your posts or comment with your cards!


Alright, link up your completed Bingo cards here:




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17 Responses to “Chapter Break Bingo – April 2017 Completed Cards”

    • Julie

      Hi Cheryl, yea it only takes unique links so you’ll have to update us in the comments each month 🙂 🙂 10 squares is good!

  1. Rose Milligan

    I got 18 squares for April. Can’t wait to start May. Good luck all!

    April Bookish Bingo

    Books Read
    The Secret of the Old Clock – Carolyn Keene
    I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason – Susan Kandel
    Basil of Baker Street – Eve Titus
    Talking as Fast as I Can – Lauren Graham
    Colleen Dewhurst – Colleen Dewhurst and Tom Viola
    Lost in a Book – Jennifer Donnelly

    Bingo Card
    1 Fantasy/Science Fiction
    2 One Word Title
    3 Tattoo/Piercing
    Basil of Baker Street
    4 Made You Laugh
    Talking as Fast as I Can
    5 Free Book
    Colleen Dewhurst
    6 Library/Librarian
    Lost in a Book
    7 Shelf-Love Book
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    8 Spring Cleaning
    9 Phone/Phone Call
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    10 Stormy Weather
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    11 Fae/Faery/Fairytale
    Lost in a Book
    12 Antiques
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    13 Free Space
    14 Library Book
    I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason
    15 Lost City
    16 Orphan
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    17 Dreams
    I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason
    18 Embarrassment
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    19 Audio Book
    20 Conspiracy
    21 In a Series
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    22 Mystery
    The Secret of the Old Clock
    23 Introvert
    Lost in a Book
    24 Easter Egg
    25 New Release (2017)
    Lost in a Book

    I got a total of 18 squares!

  2. Livia

    My reads for #20 April Bingo card:
    1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer – filled quite a few boxes: fantasy, one-word title, fae / fairy tale, shelf love
    2. Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer Bennett – library book & audiobook
    3. The Hot One by Lauren Blakely – new release & made me laugh
    4. Max (Cold Fury Hockey, #6) by Sawyer Bennett – in a series
    5. Roman (Cold Fury Hockey, #7) by Sawyer Bennett – free space
    6. Lost in Scotland by Hilaria Alexander – free book
    Corrections: I misunderstood the Library/Librarian square, and I’ve forgotten which of my reads had a MC with a tattoo now, doh! But I’m so glad I finally got to do one of these Bingo Cards.=)

    • Livia

      7. Very Wicked Beginnings (Briarwood Academy #1.5) by Ilsa Madden-Mills was my tattoo read. Whew! I slept on it and finally remembered, lol!

      But for clarification, please tell me if the Library / Librarian square refers to location only.

      • Julie

        The topics are open to interpretation. So if your character visits a library or even drives by one, or if there is a character who is/was a librarian, that counts.

        • Livia

          Thanks for explaining that! That’s my oops then. I don’t think any of my characters drove by a library so please pretend like I didn’t put a heart there.

  3. Livia

    How do we download a version that allows us to mark up the card? I clicked on the link, but I’m ignorant of what tool to use to edit it. Please help! O_o

    • Julie

      Hi Livia,
      I marked mine up in MS Paint. When you click and get the full size you can save the image to your computer ot open in an editor and mark up. Or you can print and mark up by hand and take a picture. Whatever works easiest.

      • Livia

        Okay, I signed up for a trial InLinkz in order to post mine. It’s #20 April 2017 Bingo Card.

          • Livia

            Oh really? I couldn’t figure out how to save my printscreen edited image to your blogsite otherwise. Please will you tell? I’m truly a novice at this and admit to being entirely ignorant. I’m hoping I can participate in the future, but the InLinkz trial ends in 15 days. O_o

          • Julie

            you would have to upload the image somewhere, and link to it. or do like you did in the comment

          • Julie

            you only need an account to create your own linkup

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