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October 18, 2017 Chat About Covers 2



We’re starting a new feature here on Chapter Break called Chat About Covers. ‘Cause you know we all judge books by covers, whether we admit it or not. We judge the style, the color and font choices, and just the overall look. That might not keep us from reading the book, but we do still judge.


Julie Review Avatar

I have a love-unlove with this cover because reasons I shall now list.

I love the blue and purple tones. I love the font for the title and the squiggly line in the E letters. Don’t know why, I just think it looks cool.

I don’t love how generic and sterotypical this cover is. First glance? Some kind of paranormal book. They all look like this!

I don’t love the starbeam thinger in the word Magic.

I love that the heroine is wearing clothes! No midrift or plunging neckline. And yes, she has weapons. And not guns, but close combat weapons. She’s badass.

I both love and unlove the moon being perfectly positioned behind her. Same with the city. Generic, see?

Ok, well that’s enough of my love-unlove list.  Over to you.


Lynnpic avatar
I, too, love that our heroine is wearing clothes and has weapons! Those sai are pretty cool. Yes, I looked them up for you. They remind me of Nefertiri from The Mummy Returns. And apparently Raphael the Ninja Turtle uses them as well. Our heroine is in good company! My eye is immediately drawn toward those weapons.

I also like the purple, blue, and black tones. Very aesthetically pleasing.

My dislikes are our heroine’s face. It feels like a computerized drawing of an actual person. But that it’s slightly distorted and off-putting. Also, I feel like our heroine is standing/floating on water? Or is the ground really all reflective? That’s weird.


What are your thoughts on this cover?


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2 Responses to “Chat About Covers: Double-Sided Magic”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    I have to agree with there being positives and negatives about this cover. I *do* like that the heroine is clothed. And I like the colors and well as her weapons. But it doesn’t really evoke any emotion…kinda meh. Still, I’d probably pick it up. 😉

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