Chat Between Chapters: How do you handle a book hangover?

March 23, 2014 Chat Between Chapters, Featured Posts 20


 Have you ever experienced one? How do you handle a book hangover?

Julie Review Avatar Julie:

 Ah, the dreaded book hangover. You read an amazing book, just simply amazing, and you can’t seem to pick up any new book. Or, when you do pick up another book, it just is meh since it isn’t as good. Yea I definitely know the feeling. Sometimes I have to take some time off and let myself process and continue to live in the world of the awesomesause book I just finished. Moving on to the next book too quickly after finishing one that blows me away is too difficult. I end up grumbling and not enjoying the poor book that ended up having to follow that act. So I give myself some time to think about the book and the characters, I find online groups to join to continue loving on the book or I talk to someone who’s read it in person, and I allow myself to let the book hangover slowly diffuse before I can read something else.

Rose review avatar Rose:

Two Tylenol, one multi-vitamin and a red Gatorade. Hey, it works for more than one kind of hangover. The next step? Sign on to goodreads and hunt for my next great read. Or I search some of my favorite blogs and see what they recommend. Some bloggers have recommendation sections like, “If you liked this, you will like that” or “what to read after reading <fill in the blank with book title here>”. My brother once gave me a bit of advice after I experienced my first break up. He said the best cure was to find someone else and start dating them immediately in order to feel better. Hmmmm… while I will not comment on the wisdom of this suggestion, I will say that with books, it is certainly the way to go. As soon as you experience a great wonderful awesome book and it ends, life can be depressing. It is virtually impossible to read another book as amazing as the one you just finished, but try you must. My advice? Just be gentle with the new book. It is not its fault you are on the rebound. But in no time at all you will be through that book and who knows, maybe you will find yourself immersed in your next great reading experience or at least ready for a reread of the amazing book. Some of my worst book hangovers lead to my new favorite book.  The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons lead me to my one true love in the whole wide world: Jamie Fraser from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. So if you find yourself experience that overwhelming sense of loss, melancholy or even just in a reading slump, cheer up! You never know what awesome story lies just beyond the cover of the next book that finds it way into your hands. Read on!

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20 Responses to “Chat Between Chapters: How do you handle a book hangover?”

    • Rose

      I do this too Jennifer. Sometimes it takes a few chapters to decide what I want to read and then I end up with all these half read books.

  1. Tina at Mommynificent

    I’ve never had a friend who could understand the term “book hangover.” I feel like I’ve come home. 🙂 Mine are pretty bad and I just can’t pick up another book for a little while. It feels like I’m cheating on my new friends! Ha! Melodramatic much?! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Booknificent Thursday!
    Tina at Mommynificent recently posted…Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party #39

    • Rose

      HA! Tina your comment made me laugh. I guess when it comes to reading, I am a book slut. I two time and rebound, and basically sleeze my way through a library…

  2. Carrie

    I’m having this right now!! I recently read the Under the Never Sky series and I just loved them. I had to switch to a self-help book (I love those too, lol) to switch gears.

    Thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday!
    Carrie recently posted…Weight Watchers Update: Week 6

    • Rose

      Carrie, I am a self help junkie as well. I have also wanted to read Under the Never Sky for the longest time! I hear so many great things about this book.

  3. Nuzaifa @ Say It with Books

    Oh yes, I’ve been through this so many times! Definitely agree with Julie-taking a step back and having some breathing space between books helps us get back into the groove.

    Like Rose said, I take a look around Goodreads or google for ‘If you liked this, you will like that’ recommendations! Thank you for the lovely discussion guys! 😀

    • Rose

      Book recommendations are the best! Seriously, without bloggers book recs and goodreads, I would be lost, stuck in a perpetual state of book hangover-ness….

  4. Alise

    Haha, love Rose’s suggestion about some Tylenol 😉 As for getting over a slump or hangover, I like the tip about Goodreads. Looking at all the books out there that need reading is more than enough to prompt me into my next read 🙂 Great topic!

    • Rose

      Thanks Alise! And I completely agree, there are lots of other fish in the sea (or books on a shelf) Read ON!!!!

  5. Rachel

    Thanks for linking up with the #smallvictoriessunday linky. I’ve had a few book hangovers. Your suggestions will come in handy so I don’t have another one. Sometimes another book
    by the same author helps too.
    Rachel recently posted…FitTriangleMom

    • Julie

      Yea, I agree that reading something else entirely helps with moving on from a book.

  6. April @ The Steadfast Reader

    OMG guys. It’s like you’re IN MY BRAIN. I needed this post so badly. I’m (still) hungover from The Word Exchange, The Frangipani Hotel is taking a beating over it. I picked up Fangirl too, which ALMOST took a beating.

    I guess the answer is move to something lighter. Most of my book hangovers come from seriously heavy literature so I think that Fangirl ultimately cured most of my woes. I went back to The Frang last night and was able to get a little more into it.

    Thanks for linking up!
    April @ The Steadfast Reader recently posted…Spread the Love 2.0: Week Seven

    • Serahe

      YES…Now I have to name to call that awful feeling 🙁

      Sometimes I can’t pick up a new book for a week. Glad I’m not the only one. I like your idea, April, to find something lighter. I think I have done that in the past, it helps, but alas there is no cure.
      Serahe recently posted…ALDO Makes Cool Shoes

      • Rose

        A whole week without picking up a new book!? MEEP! That sounds like an awful book hangover!

    • Rose

      Glad to have helped April! And yeah, sometimes switching it up helps. I have Fangirl on my to read soon list!

  7. Lynn Poppe

    I switch genres after a book hangover. I’m talking to you, Reason to Breathe (Rebecca Donovan)

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