#ShelfLove 2017: Welcome and Goals

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#ShelfLove Challenge 2017

We’re co-hosting the #ShelfLove challenge again this year so join us and read more of the books you already bought!

Hosts: Terri from Second Run Reviews and us here at Chapter Break!

Goal: To grow your TBR pile responsibly and read the books you already own. You have ‘em, now read ‘em!

Guidelines for the #ShelfLove Challenge 2017

  • Read books that are in your personal library that were obtained before January 1, 2017.
  • Responsibly obtain books for your personal library.
    • You may wish to abstain from purchasing books or set a book budget for yourself.
    • You decide the best way to get control of your TBR pile and read the books you already own.
  • Library books (and textbooks) do not count for the challenge.
    • You may use your library to obtain different formats of books you already own and count those towards your goal.
  • Participate in the quarterly discussion posts by linking up, visiting and commenting on the other participants’ blogs.
    • You are welcome to post updates more often, but only the quarterly posts are eligible for the Rafflecopter giveaway.
  • Sign up for the mailing list to get regular updates about the Challenge. We will not sell or give away your contact information. You are able to unsubscribe at any time.

Goals for the #ShelfLove Challenge 2017

  • 1-10 books: shake hands with your shelves
  • 11-20 books: pat your shelves on the back
  • 21-30 books: give your shelves a warm friendly hug
  • 31-40 books: regular date night with your shelves
  • 41-50 books: my shelves are now my bff
  • 51+ books: my shelves and I are going steady

Yes, there will be a giveaway. I mean, that’s how these things work, right? Read our #ShelfLove challenge 2017 page for all the rest of the details!

Quarterly Discussion Posts

  1. December 2017/January 2017: I’m joining in the #ShelfLove Challenge 2017! Tell us your goals for the challenge this year.  Will you be going on an all out book buying ban or are you setting a budget? Share pictures of your TBR piles or link up to your GoodReads Shelves.
  2. March 2017/April 2017: Top books on my shelf the longest that I haven’t read
  3. June 2017/July 2017: Mid-year check in post. How are you doing with the challenge? Look back at your January post and let us know how you are doing.  Share an updated picture or list of your TBR pile.
  4. September 2017/October 2017: Top Books You are Addicted To
  5. December 2017/January 2018:  End of the Year Check in Post. Look back at your June and January posts and let us know how you did this year.  Share an updated picture or list of your TBR pile. Would you do the challenge again in 2018?

Participation Topic: I’m joining in the #ShelfLove Challenge 2017! Tell us your goals for the challenge this year.  Will you be going on an all out book buying ban or are you setting a budget? Share pictures of your TBR piles or link up to your GoodReads Shelves.


Julie Review Avatar Julie’s Challenge Update:

Honestly, with how terribly I did with reading my shelves this past year, I’m going small with this goal. 2016 was rough for me, and at least half of 2017 isn’t going to be much better, with the entire year possibly deteriorating from there (as far as time to read and free time for sanity goes – hopefully otherwise won’t be so bad).

So my goals:

  • From my personal hoarding, er, library: Read 1-10 books: shake hands with your shelves
  • Stop buying books unless I’m gonna read them right then or next
  • Stop 1-cliking free books. Seriously.

My “TBR” is this shelf called “Soon To Read List” on GoodReads. It isn’t all complete but I keep adding to it as I realize I have a book that I own that needs reading.

My shelf for 2017 is embedded below, and will grow as the year progresses. Hopefully. As books are read that are already on my shelves. This should happen at least a little, right? We can do this, me!


Lynnpic Lynn’s Challenge Update:

I agree with Julie, completely. My 2016 goals were overly ambitious as well. I keep thinking I’ll read books I already own, but then book club books or review books get in the way. I have been much better at not one-clicking all those free or cheap books. Mostly.

My goals are:

  • 11-20 Books: Pat your shelves on the back. Surely I can read 1 book a month that I already own.
  • I’m participating in COYER this year (thanks to Terri’s suggestion). I went through and made a list of the free\less than $0.99 books. There are 26 on that list. I’m hoping to tackle some of those as well.
  • Put my library card on ice, except for book club books. If I’m not reading new releases, I’ll read books I own. That’s the idea at least.

My TBR shelf is called Shelf Love. And I have to say, it’s helped A LOT to have a list somewhere of the books I actually own.

My 2017 Read Shelf is embedded below. I’ll add books to this shelf as I read them.


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